Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Homemade Sio Bee or Siew Mai

We decided to make the siew mai ourselves today. The taste of Malaysian sio bee and Hong Kong style siew mai are distinctively different. Of course Malaysian style is better.

You won't believe how easy this thing is! They turned out great. I think we made about 30 sio bee altogether. Home making them was merely A$5-$6 and most importantly it helped to kill time. I made some malaysian chilli in vinegar as dip. We didn't even finish the wontan wrappers. What should I do with the leftover.

I do like to talk numbers. That's my job. Do you know that an average Chinese restaurant that serves dim sum gets an average of 900 customers just in the weekend and an average person is 'expected' to spend about $30? Do the maths.


Joanna said...

Would you share a recipe or perhaps post a tutorial with photos? SO MANY PEOPLE WOULD LOVE TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE THIS!

Ai Shiang said...

Hi Joanna,

If I do make these dumplings again, I'll contact you/let you know.

I only took 1 photo of the final product previously. Will take step by step photos with recipe next time.