Friday, December 5, 2008

Homemade Pandan Buns

It used to be $3.50+ a loaf and now it is $5.00 a loaf!  This is way too much.  What are the supermarkets selling?  Gold?  How much does it cost over at your end?

This is my usual weekly buns making routine. It started quite a while ago when a loaf of bread was overcharged and became way way overcharged. Not that we don't have the money. Just sick of the supermarkets ripping off consumers.

Being calculative as usual, 1 loaf of bread from the supermarket will allow me to make 5 freshly baked loaves! Hubby will start cursing and I start laughing. That's how the baking started.
It started off with simple loaf and several baking later, I learnt to include bread improver and use a mix of grade one flour, soya bean flour and pandan paste, the buns turned out absolutely delicious. Sometime, chocolate chips and sunflower seeds are added. This will be our breakfast with kaya spread or just margerine.

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