Monday, January 12, 2009

Handcrafted Sample Soaps for A Friend

Edwin - soaps are on their way.

I've chopped up a couple of soaps into smaller pieces and packed them in cello like candies so that I can mail them to a friend of mine who wants to try them, located about 6,616 kilometers away.  Dwin, drop me a review after you shower! :o)

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Gorgeous Geek =P said...

just browsing blogs and had to say these look so cute!

XxxX Love XxxX

Joanna said...

i noticed you were following my blog and I took a look. What great soaps you make. I will have to come back to read more when I am not so tired. Thanks for being a part of my blog :O)


Ayie said...

i'll mistake them for candies or chocolates just looking at it.

Dwincc said...


The new ones looks too nice too use. Thanks for the soaps! They smells so good that I might eat them accidently.
Keep it up!