Saturday, January 31, 2009

Run out of Soaps

I was so busy 2 weeks ago trying to make at least 4 batches of soaps just to take their pictures to make a catalog. 

They were made only half a dozen each of: cucumber, carrot, lavender and coffee. 

My catalog was sent through on 26 January and on that same day I received a phone call telling me that all my soaps have been sold out, only 1 carrot left unsold - I guess that's left for me.   

Well, orders have been placed for them to be delivered in February after they've cured.  I was stunned.  I was told to make more, and orders are coming in until March. This is so unexpected.  What have I got myself into?

I think I will be spending more time in the kitchen with my stick blender and moulds in the coming weekends.

▲ Cucumber soaps

▲carrot soaps

▲ lavendar soaps 

▲coffee soaps

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Phyllis Ng said...

You're selling them? I thought you're just doing it as a hobby. Wow amazing!!

Ais' said...


Yes, you're right. I'm making these soaps as a hobby to start with. Hubby suggests I should sell them as he likes the designs and quality.

They feel so much better than Palmolive or Lux :•) Have you ever tried handmade soap before?

Phyllis Ng said...

Good on you.
No, haven't tried. I normally use shower gel. Haven't used soap for a looong time.
Must try, must try!!

Adeline said...

You're very talented! Fancy soap design too!

Ais' said...


Thank you for the compliment. They're fun to make :•)

Leigh Anne said...

Hi, I was just browsing through blogs and I happened upon yours. You are very talented at soap making!! You are making me want to try it too! I LOVE the green ones, beautiful!!! Best wishes for continued good sales.

Ais' said...

Leigh Anne

I'm sure once you start making soaps you just can't stop. Give it a try, it's fun and addictive :•)

Anonymous said...

You are very creative! Love the soaps..I bet they must smell amazing.

I supposed you don't purchase commercially made soaps since you make your own?

Btw, your fireworks photos on Flickr are awesome!

Ais' said...

Mei Teng,

I haven't bought a single commercially made soaps since I know how to make them. There are 2 still sitting on the shelf and no one wants to use them.

HappySurfer said...

They look so yummy. I think I'd just keep them to admire. LOL

Is soap-making difficult? I wouldn't know where to begin.

Ais' said...

Happy Surfer,

Some of my friends back in M'sia literally keep them to admire!! To me, I can't wait to try them after I make them (though have to let it cure first - like cheese making)

Soap-making is not difficult. There are many resource online you can use as a starter kit/info.

I saw some online soapers selling a piece of handmade soap for RM10 to RM20.

HappySurfer said...

And how much are yours? Are you selling them online too?

I'm only interested to know how to do it - just to satisfy my curiosity and quest for knowledge. Thanks for the info.

Ais' said...

Happy Surfer

I'm selling mine from A$5.00 to A$6.00 a bar of a minimum 110 gram. A fraction of what the stores sell (A$8.00 to A$12.00). I know 2 stores sell them in Malaysia. and

There are 2 types of soap making: (1) from scratch and (2) melt and pour. Melt and pour is the easiest and they are mostly transparent.

I make mine from scratch. Click on the left hand menu on "soap making"

There are many things you need to read up or find out before the soaps will work properly. Once you get the hang of things, you'll be smiling! :o)

Ais' said...

Happy Surfer,

Oh I forgot, they got sold out privately every time, before I even think of putting them online. I do think of an online store maybe later.

Ayie said...

The designs are good! You really have to sell those and share those beautiful soaps!

Ai Shiang said...

They were all sold on the first day the catalogue was presented. I was real pleased.

Ayie said...

Everybody would want that soap...i'll doubt it not being sold at all.