Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cool or Un-Cool

What kind of soaps would you buy?  Floral scented?  Never mind the type of scents but the ingredients are important?  I've had fun finding out what are COOL and what are UN-COOL to those different taste buds out there.

▼ Most uncool: Tomato soaps.  I am not too sure is it the name "tomato" that put people off or is it the thought of showering with a tomato?  It smells nothing like a tomato but rather like green tea. Unfortnately they can't sniff it from the catalog.  Maybe I should've named them as green tea soaps?

▼Cool soaps - best sellers: Rose, lavender, cucumber, cherry blossom and strawberry.  Rose geranium soaps are the coolest.  All gone!

▲ Rose Geranium soaps with pink clay

▲Lavender soaps
▲ Cucumber Melon Soaps

▲Cherry Blossom with Kaolin Clay

▲ Strawberry with Poppy Seeds

I had an exhausting week making all these soaps for my second catalogue.  I think I have to take a break from soap making for a while and divert my attention back to my main job.

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Anonymous said...

Strawberry with poppy seeds sounds really delectable. The rose geranium ones looked like cakes..yum!

Ais' said...

Mei Teng,

I was told that if I put some whipped cream on top of the strawberry soap someone will give it a bite!

The Rose Geranium ones are actually custom made for a customer. The smell is so hypnotizing.

HappySurfer said...

I think besides the aroma, aesthetics play a part in driving their popularity. I like the swirls of the colours in each soap. They give you a sense of fun, shall we say?

I noticed you have bits of flowers in the soap. Won't they scratch the skin? Just wondering.

Hi Mei Teng.

Ais' said...

Happy Surfer,

I think you're right on the aesthetics part. Swirling them is absolutely fun, but cleaning up is such a headache.

The dried flowers/buds are prepared especially for addition into soaps so they aren't hard and will not hurt or scratch the skin.

Anonymous said...

Just a crazy thought...would it be possible to create durian soap?? Would make a great gift idea for durian lovers!

Is there a course for those who wants to learn soap making?

Ais' said...

Mei Teng,

They don't sell durian fragrance oil (perfume) here. So, making one is quite difficult :o) Even if it is accessible I think people will run away after smelling it.

There are day-courses but I think they cost too much. The fun is to experiment it yourself. Besides, the internet has lots of "how to make soap info"

Joanna said...

all beautiful!!

Salameander said...

Hi Ais,

I envy you that you have the time and the space to create such lovely soap! Good on you, and little wonder that they sold out so quickly. ;)


Kala said...

you made those??? WOW super kewl! I was getting hungry looking at them! That is unreal. I wish I could scratch and sniff the iamges!

Paul Choo said...

WOW! Really beautifully made soaps.
Luv all the artistic designs.


Ayie said...

Those soaps must be expensive. Cool!

Ai Shiang said...

there are many soapmakers in the USA. Some make really nice looking soaps. They are not too expensive (I hope). A$5 to A$6 each, that's what I've sold them for. In the States they sell them about the same but in US$.

Ayie said...

I haven't seen one here as good as yours. You really gave me idea and I'm inspired to check on soap making. That's one craft that I love...creating any king of design piece. You are very creative Ai.