Saturday, May 23, 2009

On Curing Rack

I've been feeling lazy lately even for a hobby. Is it just me? The best part of soap making is colour mixing, BUT cleaning up the oily mess bit isn't my favourite, anyone wants to help me with that?

I received a number of feedback from customers who bought my handmade soaps previously. They wanted to buy some more, but I had zilch stock. I felt bad so, these are what I've made just recently.

They all have to sit on the rack for 4 weeks to dry and harden. Every time I open the door, this place just smells like a flower shop / fragrance shop rather.

The ingredients are: coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, distilled water, lye, colours, fragrance oils or essential oils where applicable and different type of clays.

▲ Lavender with kaolin clay.

▲ White Tea with rhassoul clay (my favourite). Smells woody and sweet.

▲ Rose geranium with pink clay. These are the "hot cakes".

▲ Cucumber melon with kaolin clay. Friends told me that they look like "ham tan" (salted egg in Cantonese). Though they smell nothing like that at all, but refreshing.

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Anonymous said...

Your hubby can help with the cleaning? Hehhe...

Are you into this soap business full-time? If yes, you should stock up for your customers. I like the idea of soap making. But I don't have the sustained interest to delve into it. I like looking at pretty soap bars. Some are like pretty cakes.

gina said...

Wah.. what is it that you do?? You take photos and make soap? Really an artist huh?

Those soap bars look really nice! Bet they smell just as good!

Reese said...

Hi Aishiang,

Just glanced your soap pics, they are just sooo pretty.

Ai Shiang said...

Mei Teng,
Haha! He should. No, Mei Teng, not into full-time soap making. Not even part-time really. I only make them if I get requests. Looking is good too. Some time I enter into shops with handmade products as well. Just to enjoy the smells, the looks, and get some ideas too.

I only take photos and make soap so far. I try to make my own lotion as well 'cos I didn't want the cancer causing ingredients to be included. Still at testing stage. Haha! Not an artist lah. Just my hobbies to kill the hours especially weekends.

Thanks for visiting. Glad you enjoy those soap pictures.

Willie said...

Hmmm...i can smell the aroma

fufu said...

i would like to learn how to make soap... i wont mind do all the cleaning for you if you teach me =p i am still using soap(j&j one) though most of the trend now is body shampoo, washing gel blablabla....

Ai Shiang said...

You would want to eat them once you smell them :o)

I'm sure once you know how to make your own soaps, those being sold commercially (even J&J) cannot compare to your very high quality handmade soap. 'Cos handmade ones are full of natural glycerin.

I don't mind teaching, but you're too far, Fufu. Making soap is more about science and not art.

Can you find sodium hydroxide (also known as lye) in your local supermarket? It's an alkali. If you can you're in luck. You need that to make your basic soap.

Bengbeng said...

they would make lovely gifts n presents . just use a more 'trendy' mould to get a glam shape. otherwise yr gift soaps look very marketable. u will b rich

fufu said...

hey... the point is i am too lazy to get all the ingredients >.< and it's totally no fun if i do it myself.... wish i would have found her asap... so my life will be more better... but wait! i need to travel more first before i settle down lol anyway thanks for the info... if i go to OZ again next time... will go knock your door and you teach me ok? lmao

James said...

Wow, they are like usable works of art. Very nice looking soap.
Great blog too!

Anonymous said...

wow nice..
i like the colour combination! =D

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ai Shiang, wow! You sure got something there.
They're really beautiful and I can just imagine the beautiful scents, too good to use too, ha ha.

Here I met a lady who makes ice creams and cookies candles.
You sure one talented, artistic lady.
Any in Jasmine? Ha ha.
Looks like you can make some good money there.
Have fun and best wishes, G'day, Lee.

Paul said...

nice nice... those colors are so nice... must need quite a lot of experience to make patterns like those... the last one really looks like salted eggs... hahaha... minus the blue color :P

Ai Shiang said...

Yes, they do make great gifts. Ladies like them a lot.

No problem, next time then.

Nice of you to pop by. I hope you don't eat too much MacDonald :o)

Uncle Lee,
I don't have Jasmine fragranced bars. Those who buy from me on requests never requested for Jasmine but mostly like Rose, Lavender and Melon. Are you looking for Jasmine soaps? There are many lovely ladies handmade them in the US and Canada. You can buy them online :o)

No lah, making soap starts with science not art. Have to get the sodium hydroxide to bind with water and oil you get soap. Do it couple of times you'll be making good soaps. Just like at school in the science lab, mixing and mixing. Not much of experience needed. I started off about 1 year ago just by learning through the internet.

Bogey said...

Excuse me, where's the men's section. I think I passed the aisle. Just kidding! They do look lovely and would make great Birthday or Christmas gifts for friends. You will have to fill me in on the cost though.

By the way, you were selected to receive the Honest Scrap Award by me. You may pick it up on my blog if you like.

Superman said...

That's really nice soap you've got there. You are talented. Love the pattern and the colour of the soap. Keep it as a nice decor rather than take bath with it. Hehe. This is the first time I saw this colourful soap. I used to buy those molded soap from the shop but never see something like this. I am welling to help but just want a piece of the lovely soap as return. :P

Ai Shiang said...

I'll pop by and take a look a bit later. Thank you in advance first.

Ah! That's good, I've got myself a helper. No problem. You can have one soap bar after you clean everything up :o). I'm sure you will love the soap. They smell divine.

LimPek said...

lol..looks like cake oso looks like ice cream

renaye said...

these soaps look so delicious to be eaten

chubskulit said...

Wow, those are radiantly colored soaps.. Smells good am sure!

ryliej said...

Is it hard to make soap?

Ai Shiang said...

Limpek & Renaye,
Welcome to my blog.

chubskulit & ryliej,
No, they are not hard to make. Just use sodium hydroxide (alkaline) to bind water with oil. But there are of course steps you must follow.

Ayie said...

Your soaps are cute and they look like food! ahahaha, i think I'm too hungry right now to think the soaps are food!

Btw, i checked the craft store here and saw soap making kits. It kind of interest me but didn't get just yet. I might get stuck doing soaps than my work!

have a great week Ai!

Rajesh said...

Fantastic designs and colors on the soap. It is nice to know your skill in in making such nice soaps.

Ai Shiang said...

They won't taste good if you eat them :o)

Haha! Have I influenced you into making soap? That's a good thing. I bet you will enjoy it. You can check out youtube on how to make soap. Might be easier if you see the videos.

Thank you for your kind comments.

Ayie said...

I've got to agree with that Ai. They just look tempting! haha

Ayie said...

Your soaps look so good, I got so tempted to do it too. It looked like some of my chocolates before! We don't have much space here now and it's carpeted everywhere so I will just study the process for now. =)

gina said...

I feel like eating the soap.. instead of using them. LOL!

HappySurfer said...

Ahh.... such a delight to see these pretty things again! So, yours is a case of demand exceeding supply, eh? A most welcome 'dilemma', I'm sure. Good for you, Ai Shiang.

Ai Shiang said...

You reminded me about your chocolate, haven't had the chance to see them though.

Haha! They taste a bit bitter I'm sure. You must be feeling hungry when looking at these soaps?

I just don't want to have so many soap bars sitting around I guess. Only make them when requested. :o)

Ayie said...

Oh yeah the chocolates...I hurriedly searched for it when I read your reply. haha! I found some photos but not everything. Mostly from my cp cam. I'll have it in photojournal within the next posts. =D

Nick Phillips said...

The second picture looks like some fancy designed blue cheese ... hehehe ...

Joanna said...

Ai Shiang, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love to look at at your soaps. They really are so nice. I especially love the last one. So interesting!! I bet they are wonderful :)

Your readers should come visit my blog and check out the tutorial there if they want to learn how to make soap:

It's a good place to begin.

zewt said...

you made those soap???

Ai Shiang said...

Yes, I handmade them right in my kitchen.

zewt said...

impressive, ai shiang... i think the white tea with rhassoul looks pretty cool. for sale?

i am not an auditor... but i spent 5 years in an audit firm. make a guess.

Ai Shiang said...

Hi Zewt,
Welcome back! White Tea is my favourite. They are for sale. Looking to buy for wife/girlfriend? :o)

PriceWaterHOuseCooper? I'm picking this one 'cos it has a ridiculously long name *LOL. 5 years sounds quite a long time. Are you one of the Partners? If not, tax lawyer? I'm bad at guessing.