Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gnocchi with Sautéed Prawns In A Burnt Butter Sage

Reality TV shows have been the talk of the town for ages. If you are wondering, these shows started back in 1940s-1950s.

Some of the successful reality TV shows are Fear Factors, The Amazing Race, Survivor, Wife Swap, America's Next Top Model, COPS etc.

The Amazing Race and Survivor used to be on my watchlist. The one I hate most is Big Brother. No way I am going to spend even one minute watching it. I am glad that the station took it off air. What sort of reality TV series do you watch there?

Has anyone been watching Masterchef? Never heard of it? I watched 1 of Masterchef UK's 9 seasons a while back. I have to say this is by far the best reality TV series.

At least from Masterchef you learn some very useful tips from those celebrity chefs. A bit different from the UK format though. I have to say it is better, unlike Gordon Ramsey who would just swear all the time in "Hell's Kitchen". I don't find that entertaining.

One of the simple things learnt was, to cook anything that grows below the ground you start with cold water and hot water for anything that grows above ground. That is, boil the potatoes from cold water to start with. We all do that subconsciously, don't we?

▲ I tried to make some "potato gnocchi with sautéed prawns in a burnt butter sage" the other day. It turned out absolutely perfect! It tasted so flavoursome compared to those I bought from the supermarket. There are tonnes of recipes at Masterchef's website.

Are you the type of person who will try something you see on TV?

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Superman said...

I don't like Big Brother as well. Didn't even watch it when I am in Aust. It is a waste of time. They know there are so many videocams following them, how to be like reality show? It is just another type of act!

Anonymous said...

That dish looks yummy. I have never tasted gnocchi before. It's like pasta isn't?

I am not a fan of Gordon Ramsay..hate his swearing and attitude on that show. Wonder why they bother producing such shows.

I am also not a fan of reality shows. I just love cooking, travel and adventure programs on tv.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

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Ai Shiang said...

Glad to have somebody not liking Big Brother. I thought all boys/men liked it.

Mei Teng,
Not exactly like pasta. Gnocchi has more potato flavour. And it is softer, it would normally melts in your mouth. Pasta tastes plain if no sauce.

Health wise, I would prefer pasta more than gnocchi. Simply because durum wheat (that makes pasta) is low G.I. You don't get hungry that fast after eating pasta.

Ramsay gives me headache too. It's like 99.99% of his sentences are swear words.

The Amazing Race is a travelling programe (kind of), you can see all sort of places. Don't like it either?

fufu said...

big bro?? what is that?? lol i only watch iron chef =p well erm... we all have different tastes of these kind of shows... i bet big bro has its own audiences or it wont be survived until now ya

i like gnocchi too... i used it for hotpot though in japan...

Bogey said...

Watching certain cooking shows has become part of my routine and I have a lot of favourites and try many recipes which I find on the shows web sites. Chef Ramsey, although a very creative Chef in his own right, appears to be living in the past. His treatment of people is very abusive and unnecessary. People don't learn when they are being yelled at. I think I will check out this Masterchef site. Thanks for sharing!

James said...

I have watched every amazing race, I think I watched two seasons of Big Brother then it got so bad that even hated to even see the commercials.
I was eating ice cream while it rained today and thought of your blog. :-)

Btw, you take really great night photos!

Ai Shiang said...

For your information, Big Brother has many naked scenes. That's why the lastest season even became a court case. It had then taken off air indefinitely.

Do you cook everyday for yourself?

Haha! That phrase actually came about that day when it rained and somebody here wanted to eat ice-cream :o). It's a bit cold to eat ice-cream for me, it's winter.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

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Anonymous said...

No reality type of shows for me :)

HappySurfer said...

I don't purposely seek out a reality show to watch but I do enjoy American Idol (esp the prelims - for the hilarity - and the final ten - for the professionalism) and Project Runway, Heidi Klum's fashion show. I enjoy the final results when the clothes are shown on models down the runway and getting an idea on the designers' design justification.

The other day, I came across Jamie Oliver's show. The episode I saw is of the final four of his adult cooking students battling it out for the chance of winning a restaurant business. The four went thru the real drill of running a restaurant - back and front ends. I do enjoy Oliver's other programmes too. He offers good tips and I just love his vegetable plot which he features in his shows.

That dish looks delicious! I just checked out Masterchef's site. It does look interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing it, Ai Shiang.

Superman said...

Like you said, many naked scenes and I think I will use the time to watch better show like "House M.D"!

Ayie said...

I sometimes check on food network for iron chef, ace of cakes or whatever's playing by the time I channel surf.

Your dish looks tempting Ai, hmmm i love prawns!

Ai Shiang said...

I like Jamie's shows too. But the stations here don't normally air his shows. It all depends on the rating the stations get. They air it if they get high rating. I don't know how these stations know if people are watching what they're airing. Always makes me wonder.

Good on you! At least House is better.

YOu like iron chef too? My husband love the shows but I hardly watch because i think the dishes are hard to prepare.

Willie said...

Wah...u tried the recipe? Unlike me, too lazy to cook. Hehehe

Ayie said...

I like most cook shows, with iron chef's dishes sometimes I just watch and observe then do a version of my dish. I like to watch bizarre food and man vs food too =) too much foods?

Ai Shiang said...

I can't help but to try making it.

Know I now why you have a collection of "Food Designs" :•)

HappySurfer said...

You said, I don't know how these stations know if people are watching what they're airing. Always makes me wonder.

Strange, I wonder about that too. I suppose they have some kind of detector or something.

zewt said...

nope... i boil potatoes with hot water.... need to change that..

Ayie said...

ahahaha...was i so obvious about foods? =P

Ayie said...

btw ai, I'm working on posting the chocolates. As i told you, your soaps looks more yummy hehe =)

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ai Shiang, my wife used to love 'Iron Chef'...
I guess I'll stick to Lonely Planet, ha ha. I eat to live, not live to eat.
You have a nice day, Lee.

Ai Shiang said...

Glad you read something worth doing/changing.

I'll be dropping by to see your chocolate shortly. I'm sure my soaps do not taste as good as your chocolate :o)

Uncle Lee,
Looks like Iron Chef is popular around the globe.

Ayie said...

Ai, the chocolates might be on fri...sorry, forgot to tell you details. Got caught up with work today, wasn't able to finish it. The one posted today is a schedule post. Sorry about that.

gina said...

I had gnocchi when I went to Mel, then I didn't find it nice.. it's too sour for my taste!

Anyway, this food pic here surely looks delicious! :D

Ai Shiang said...

Maybe the chef put too much verjuice (or lime) in your dish :o)

I do like a bit of sourness, it makes me want to eat more. But gnocchi is a very filling dish.