Friday, June 26, 2009

Viewpoint - Lowering

Besides different perspective techniques, viewpoint is necessary in creating more dynamic images to provide viewer with a different view on the things we see everyday in the world.

Unless the camera's position and elevation is changed we can find that we continuously capturing our world from the same mundane point of view.

Just so we don't see the world from a standard height, the fastest way to add interest to images is to change your point of view. There are 2 viewpoints I normally go for. Elevating and lowering camera's viewpoint immediately add a new element of interest.

Generally, lowered viewpoints exaggerate perspective and elevated ones reduce it.

I hope you will benefit from reading this little project of mine.

▲ An example of lowering viewpoint.

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HappySurfer said...

Insightful! Thanks. Great-looking sky there.

Anonymous said...

I like this low point of view. You see a whole new world.

Paul said...

Good idea... looks good. I think it would also help from that angle to have an ultra wide lens to get an even stronger sense of the height and depth. Cheers, Paul.

Ai Shiang said...

I sure hope you find it useful.

Mei Teng,
Definitely a whole new world. I thought how would ants see us. Haha! Everything must be real big.

Ultra wide lens will definitely help. I'm using 17mm which isn't wide enough. Still hunting for the 10mm lens. Looks like the whole Sydney is out of stock. The lens/camera you have is wide enough. You should try this lowering/elevating viewpoint sometime :o)

PS: I cannot comment on your posts lately, not sure why. Didn't appear to go through.

James said...

Great photo and very useful information.

HappySurfer said...

Very nice new design. More cheerful. Better.

Anonymous said...

Hey new blog layout! :)

Ai Shiang said...

Glad you find it useful.

Thanks, I am thinking I need a bit of change :o)

Mei Teng,
Yah, I need more space so I reckon I change the layout.

Superman said...

Actually lowering the view point let you see more than have a higher view point as you can see from lower point to the highest point. The photo is really nice taken in that angle.

Ai Shiang said...

You are absolutely right that you can see more from lowering view point.

LimPek said...

yea..i believe that viewpoint is very important thing since it can create many diff sense to us

Ayie said...

worm's eyeview gives a certain dramatic approach and effect to photos..hehe that's what i learnt in college! haha

Ai Shiang said...

I have not heard of worm's eyeview, I must google it to find out. But I do know fisheye and I think ultra-wide angle lens should give it a good distortion, but that lens is out of stock in the whole Sydney, can you believe it? It is that popular!

Ayie said...

Ai, it's the opposite of bird's eyeview (aerial view). =) Hope you'll get a better description. haha

Ayie said...

The fish eyeview is new to it's popular...out of stock! the views i told you about are more of what we use in architecture hehe

lechua said...

really like the angle of this shot... will keep in mind to practise taking from lowering viewpoints... just like your shot on 'Tulips in the Royal Botanical Garden' - really brings a diff perspective to the photo

Ai Shiang said...

I'm glad that this post actually gives you some new ideas regarding perspective. It does make our world look different than normal :o)