Friday, August 28, 2009

Lonesome Casino

Star City Casino

Feel like spending some money for fun? Have you been to casinos before?

Star City Casino is the only casino in Sydney. It looks very quiet for a Saturday evening. I was there a couple of years ago to watch a live theatre - a musical play about Dusty Springfield's life.

The only time I felt really really excited was when I was in Las Vegas. I shopped, went to Celine Dion's concert, and ate like mad! Food is so cheap in LV. Where can you find a big lobster for just $10?! And all the freshest Japanese food (sushi, sashimi and nigiri etc) all you can eat for only $14!

Amazingly, I didn't even spend a single cent on gambling.

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James said...

First of all that is a really cool picture. Secondly Las Vegas is a 4hr drive from where I was born and where I lived most of my life. So I've been there many times and had lots of fun and plenty of gambling. I usually won because I don't drink and I followed certain rules. I got tired of all it though, too many drunk party animals and strippers for my tastes.
It's been a few years now I'm ready to try Atlantic City for the first time. It's about an hour and a half drive from here.

Ayie said...

Nice info Ai, I should consider going to vegas first and eat eat eat too! I love seafoods but it's way too pricey in my area. Maybe it will be nice to enjoy the casino once again!

I went once in the Phils, in the hotel where we were vacationing. I played with some slot machines there.

Anonymous said...

USD10 for one whole lobster is really cheap!! Was there a lobster sale or something? :)

I have been to casinos but they don't interest me at all. I have been to casinos in Adelaide and Melbourne. Of course, not forgetting Genting over here.

Superman said...

That is really a nice picture! The light at the top shine like a star! I missed the casino last time when I was in Sydney. :( I used to play in casino on their happy hour time as the bet is AUD 5 per game only. After 9pm it will increase to minimum AUD 15 per game and I am surely can afford that.
I heard the weather in Australia is hot now and not like in the winter. What's wrong with it? I guess the earth is really sick now.

Ai Shiang said...

Lucky you! Did you play poker? I am no good at these sort of things.

You should visit. If you do, don't forget to take pics. The hotels are cheap too.

Mei Teng,
I think they want you to continue gambling that is why food and drink are extremely cheap. Yeah, that's a whole lobster. They even have steak for $5 only. I wish I could digest those food quickly to try other dishes :o) haha! That did't happen. I am sure you will feel different in Las Vegas. They have many live shows etc. No body who visits LV will be bored.

Ai Shiang said...

Yes, you are right, right at this moment I'm in my T-shirt. It's rather warm for winter right now. I cannot imagine if it is warm in winter, I think I will need to carry an ice-box during Spring and Summer!

Tekkaus said...

I have never been to any Casino Ai Shiang! Hmm...this is the only Casino in Sydney? Looks gorgeous from here. Better than Malaysian Genting. LOL :p

What food in Las vegas is cheap? How come? LOL:p

James said...

Hi Ai Shiang, No not poker just Blackjack,Craps and slots oh and a little Roulette.

Ok Here is a list of some things you can photograph.

1)Northbridge and several other bridges in Sydney
2)Royal Botanic Gardens
3)I bet you can find several cool places to photograph the opera house from. night and day
4)The shipwreck at Sawmillers reserve
5)Luna Park
6)Hornby Lighthouse
7)A skyline view of the city from a park or a tall building.
8)Sydney Observatory
9)Fort Denison
10)Taronga Zoo

That should hold you for a while let me know if you need anymore ideas. :-)

Ai Shiang said...

Actually, many things in the US are very cheap. Well, compare to australia that is. They want you to keep on gambling and so they offer lots of thing to keep you occupied. One of them is cheap food. So you can eat and gambling.

Wow! Have you been here before? You seem to know quite a number of places.

fufu said...

i just back from macau this monday... i did lots of gambling in the casinos (sands, venetian, winds) and we won for about macau $900's fun... =p

HappySurfer said...

That structure sure looks like from a sci-fi movie.

Unfortunately, food at Gentings is not that cheap but it's nice to get up there for some thrills once in a while.

Horsoon said...

I love the excitements in a casino, although I don't (read: can't afford to) gamble :)

gina said...

The last casino I went was in Macau. I didn't spend a cent too. Food costs a bomb there. I heard one value meal mcD is equivalent to Rm40! I just took plenty of pictures and leave. Haha! I heard per bet starts from HKD2,500 onwards at Venetian.

Ayie said...

I have my godfather inviting us over australia...just never had time to travel. Hopefully in time we can visit and will let you know =) Taking pictures is a must! hehehehe

happy weekend!

Ai Shiang said...

Not bad huh. Good job! Did you spend the $900 after that?

I can't remember if I've been to Genting. I might have but I was too young to remember. My hubby went just 5 years ago. He said ice-cream was RM8- each.

Haha! That sounds fair enough.

I did browse the Wynn hotel rate in Macau, I thought it was rather expensive compared to Las vegas's Wynn. Then I wondered if everything is as dear.

Have a pleasant weekend too.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Hi Ai !! This is so a beautiful shot !! I really would like to visit this place some day..Unseen Rajasthan

Paul said...

great photo... nice colors. The design looks good though it does look very quiet for a Saturday night. I've only been to two Casinos and at most just played some slot machines... I pulled myself out before losing a few dollars... hahaha... even with the slots machines I just play the ones where one bet can be like 1 cent or 10 cents.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ai Shiang, wow, being in a Casino and not spending a cent? Bet Casinos don't appreciate people like you, ha ha.
Lovethis pic, really beautiful.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Ai Shiang said...

Unseen Rajasthan,,
Thank you for the compliment.

Haha! I didn't even play the slot machine :o). There were too many things to do there other than gambling, for me that was.

Uncle Lee,
I thought so too. But they have lots of other activities, and that's spending money too, right?

foongpc said...

Like Mei Teng, I don't care much about casinos cos I am not much of a gambler! And I think gambling is a waste of money and time!

But I don't mind visiting casinos just to have a look-see : )

Wow, you got to watch Celine Dion's concert? That's cool!

And wow, eat all you can Jap food for $14? Good deal!

Why is it called Lonesome Casino? For lonely people only? LOL!

foongpc said...

Or is it just a word coined by you? : )

Ai Shiang said...

Haha! Not for lonely people. It's lonely casino. I don't see many people flocking to the casino, that is. Maybe bad time still hits hard huh? :o)

Wow, you sound excited about the Jap all you can eat deal. I bet you would love that restaurant.

kenwooi said...

wow the casino looks charming! i've only been to the casino at genting.. =P

James said...

Hello Ai Shiang, I posted the first of many Chinatown photos on my Something Sighted blog.

Have a great ice creamy day!