Friday, August 14, 2009

Sweet Pea & White Tea Handmade Soaps

Top: Sweet Peas Soaps
Bottom: White Tea Soaps

These were made about 1 month ago. I am starting to get lazy so just can't be bothered with the designs/details. Besides, they are for our own use. Hopefully, 12 bars will last us for a while.

By the way, did you guess sweet pea is a type of vegetable? At first, that was what I thought. It's a type of flower that has only 2 petals. I believe it can be found in the Mediterranean. It smells light and airy.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

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James said...

They look good enough to eat. :-)

No Body said...

Nice.. I like the color combination esp. the first one.. Added pleasure for shower time.. :))

Ayie said...

lazy and that output?

it's pretty good ai! love 'em!

Anonymous said...

I thought you were referring to the sweet pea that we eat...haha. Btw, that can be used to make soap isn't?

Nice bar of soaps. I like the red one.

Ai Shiang said...

Believe me, they taste bitter.

Hui Ming,
It definitely adds pleasure during shower time. It decorates the bath room too :o)

Haha! You bet, lazier each time.

Mei Teng,
I thought so too at first. But it's a type of Mediterranean flower. Friends like the red one as well. They said they smell like raspberries choc ice-cream. I scratch my head :o)

HappySurfer said...

Lovely-looking soaps, as usual. Somehow, the white tea ones do look like tofu to me. haha..

Ai Shiang said...

If only they could make tofu that colourful then kids would love to eat them :o)

gina said...

I agree with James.. looks good to be eaten. Hahaha!

Tekkaus said...

It's my first time here Ai Shiang! I must say that I'm utterly impressed with your blog. Lots of wonderful picture. :D

Tekkaus said...

You made these soaps for sale? Ha :D Very creative.

Anyway I just wanna tell you that I have followed your blog and added you to my blogroll! Have a nice day. Cheers/ :)

Ai Shiang said...

Welcome! Some time, these soaps are made for sale, sometime I make them for my own use. Have a nice week ahead. I shall drop by to visit your blog soon :o)

foongpc said...

What?! Sweet pea is not a vegetable? It's a flower? Now that's new to me! : )

Ai Shiang said...

If you google for "sweet pea" and click on images on the top left hand top corner, you will see pictures of flowers.

Snow peas and sugar snap peas are vegetable.

XiaoBai said...

hi Ai Shiang,

Your soap really interested me... Do you still give away the soaps or sell it outside Australia?
would really wanna try one of those!

Ai Shiang said...

Xiao Bai
I do not do giveaway for my soaps. I sell them mainly in australia in small scale. They can be purchased by mail order, for customers outside Australia.

XiaoBai said...

hei Ai Shiang,

coming back to Msia any time soon?
then I can purchase and take from you.. :p