Monday, August 17, 2009

Winter Warmth

The Royal Botanical Garden

Just a few weeks ago I heard from the news that some authority is suggesting that Australia should have 5 seasons rather than 4. Trying to confuse everyone huh?

It was a 28°C winter afternoon. I was out and about in my t-shirt. The tulips are blooming already - red, pink, yellow, white and purple.

It's going to be warm for the rest of August and temperature will drop back to 18°C in September. Not that I'm complaining - hot cold hot cold - sometime I don't even know what to wear.

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Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ai Shiang, ha ha, for one moment I thought you had a typo error, when read your, '28'c winter afternoon'.
Then remembered you down under.
I guess its the opposites, we Summer, you winter.....but funny to think Winter so warm where you are, and no snow.

Here? Snow, ice and temp can be -28'c!
And my car parked outside will look like an Eskmo igloo....and imagine getting into the car at -28'c!!

You have a great Winter, soon will be your Spring, our Fall.
Best regards and G'day, Lee.

Willie said...

5 Seasons? What do they want to call the fifth? I wonder. As you have probably heard, Malaysia is experiencing bad haze and dry season. Fortunately for Sarawak, for the past few days, we've been getting rain.

p/s: Nice photo you have there.

hcpen said...'s nice photo of the RBG. its one of my fav places in sydney:-)
yeah, winter in sydney is mild compared to melbourne's winter~hehe:-)

Superman said...

Really nice photo you have there. Those flowers are really nice. I always have a sweater in my bag when I am in Australia. The weather can change very fast. The first thing I wake up is to put my hand outside the window to feel what shirt should I wear that day. That is the good old days.

Tekkaus said...

5 seasons instead of 4? Now that's rather interesting and confusing. Why?

Haha :D The temperature kept on fluctuating huh! Maybe you should just stay at home. LOL :D

Anonymous said...

Ooh...lovely blooms. I love tulips! So nice that you have a great botanical garden over there. Wish there's one here.

M'sia has three where previously it's only hot and rainy. Now there's hazy.

Ai Shiang said...

Uncle Lee,
winter is quite mild in Australia especially in Sydney. If you're in Melbourne it will be colder because Melbourne is inland. The winter is always about 17C. No snow. Summer can be scorching. That's why I didn't migrate to Canada. I don't think I can take the chill.

They think that there should be another season between winter and spring because of the fluctuating temperature. They don't have a name yet, some suggest that it should be "Springter".

You should visit RBG, the flowers are blooming now. Maybe a bit later, there will be more :)

Haha! I always stick my hand out too, everyday :o)

No lah, cannot sit at home when it's a beautiful sunny day. Have to go out wondering. They suggest there should be another season because before Spring arrives the temperature will fluctuate (going up) and then down again.

Ai Shiang said...

Mei Teng,
I didn't know that there are botanical gardens in KL (3 somemore?). What are their names? That will be interesting to see some tropical flowers.

Anonymous said... misunderstood me. I wish there is a botanical garden in KL (sadly we don't have one). I meant we have 3 seasons in M'sia already - hot, rainy and hazy.

Ai Shiang said...

Mei Teng,
Hahaha! I did. After I wrote the reply I already knew I got it wrong, not reading it carefully (plus multi-tasking) being too busy and all so didn't rewrite :o)

You have a good week ahead!

No Body said...

Wow.. Ai Shiang this photo so nice.. You shooting skill really good nowaday ya..

Cheers!!!! Have a good week!!!!!

HappySurfer said...

Those sure are lovely blooms, Ai Shiang. You captured them well. A visit to such a place of beauty would surely make anyone's day.

Over here, we can always go to Lake Gardens for some orchid and rose viewing, i.e., if we don't mind the hassle of going all the way there. But then again, it's really not that far away, it being in the heart of the city.

gina said...

I think it's still cold in Melbourne right now. :D Yeah.. the weather in Sydney is hotter than Mel's.

Great shot of tulips! I didn't get a nice shot when I was in Mel. :(

Benedict said...

Hi Ai Shiang, landed here from Tekkaus's blog. Wow, the tulips look very nice with the bokeh effect, just like an oil painting :) Your photography skill is superb cool! Added you in my stalking list and looking forward for your cool post ;) Cheers!

marie said...

yeah, in a weather like that it's kind of frustrating to know what to wear... the weather could be a crazy element. right now, in canada it's so damn hot! but when there's wind, it's chilly!
it's moments like these when i start to appreciate constant weather. heh heh.

Ayie said...

that's just like the other days here, hot cold and to the extremes! I purposely wore a tanktop to keep me cool that day expecting it's gonna be cooking hot again but it was cold!

Ai Shiang said...

Hui Ming,
Haha! Learning learning lah :o)

I have not seen orchids like for ages! I remember I always like to disturb my neighbour's orchid plants, she always yelled at me :). I was very naughty back then. Lake Gardens sounds intriguing. Any chance of visiting, should take some photos and post them huh?

Talking about Melbourne, maybe I should visit Mel one day. Been here so long never been there yet.

Thanks for stalking Haha! My posts are a bit slow. But I do hope you'll enjoy the upcoming posts.

Haha! Unpredictable wheather too over there huh?

You're in california right? Shouldn't it be warm all the time?

keeyit said...

So beautiful and sharp color photo!

marie said...

oh yes... and now nights are oven-nights for those without the privilege of having air-conditioners. hehe.

Ayie said...

yes in CA and nope AI, cold here. It's Arid Cold. Summertime right now but temperature fluctuates =)

Ayie said...

I'm in northern part within san francisco side, it's way cooler here than LA

Paul said...

great picture... gorgeous colors... reminds me of Spring time a few months ago... now it is super hot... summer's peak here.

Shingo T said...

Never been to a country when it's at winter. Hope to do that someday. ^_^

Nice pic.

Benedict said...

Ai Shiang, no worry about the speed of your posting as what most important is you continue to post :D So I can learn from your cool photography technique ;) I'm still admiring how you achieved a sharp tulip in the center with most other part appear soft (bokeh?) and a lady on the left blend so well with the surrounding :)

Horsoon said...

Looks like it's beautiful winter down under! I'm always fascinated by the four (or five) seasons, as opposed of hot and humid (and now hazy) all year round here in Msia; what's more with such amazing colorful photo shot opportunities :)

foongpc said...

Haha! LOL at Mei Teng's comment. We indeed have three seasons now - hot cold and hazy! : )

foongpc said...

Nice tulips! Must be very beautiful with the tulips all blooming!

28 degrees during winter? A little high?

Ai Shiang said...

Haha! I guess it will soon be my turn.

Shingo T,
Perhaps you should try visiting during winter time. Surely you'll like it. Something new for a change.

It sure is a marvellous end of winter now. It's getting warmer. Having said that, it might be too hot when summer arrives.

Yeah, it's unusually warm these few days. But it is forecasted that the temperature will drop back to 16-18C in September.

HappySurfer said...

Pictures of Lake Gardens? Sure, when I next make the trip. I hope to visit the bird park too. If you get the chance to visit KL, do make a trip there. It's really worth it. Go there early morning and you'll have more time to see more. Wear a hat or bring along an umbrella and also don't forget that sunblock lotion.

gina said...

Ai Shiang, you should! I love Melbourne more than Sydney!

kenwooi said...

nice picture!
like the focus! =)