Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am on Mars

Red sunlight shone into my room this morning, it was unusually red. As I slightly slid the window, the whole place was choking with red dust and high wind. The coffee table, the television, and the balcony were all covered with red dust.

I cannot see a single person around or hear anyone yelling (which is usual once in a while in the neighborhood). The whole place is deserted. It feels like I am on Mars!

Is Malaysia still hazy these days? Which would you rather have? The haze or the dust? I know you would prefer blue sky.

I have never experienced a dust storm before. It is rather fun, having said that, I think I will be spending the rest of the day indoor.

No photo for the dust storm I'm afraid, I don't want to get dust into the camera. But somebody actually went to shoot a few. See them here.

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Tekkaus said...

Unusually red? IS that a sign? :p Haha :D Perhaps you are on Mars.

Malaysia is still hazy Ai Shiang! Some of the places of course but not always.

Tekkaus said...

Wow! The photo you showed us-Dust Storm, is simply awesome! :) Thanks for sharing Ai Shiang!

Have a nice day!

Willie said...

The haze is less now. Thanks to the rain.

James said...

"Men are from mars" Cool I always wanted to see a dust storm.

manglish said...

ohhh yes i heard it on radio is that bad huh? like u, i prefer crystal clear blue sky which is quite rare in malaysia :)

Superman said...

It is really so red! Scaring to see the dust and seems everything become red because of the dust. Never see anything like this before. I think the global weather is changing fast now. More natural disasters happen
around the globe.

hcpen said...

Yea, I noticed something burning in the air one night in the CBD and saw the dust in the air..surreal...

Ai Shiang said...

It is so red that it looks almost like somebody editing the photos. It is definitely something I had not experienced before too.

I hope it did not make you cough 'cos I saw many people coughing. I sure hope it is over when night comes.

Ai Shiang said...

Haha! There should be many men around huh? If I was really on Mars.

Good to know. I wish it rains today too. Wash away all the red dust.

I was waiting to see who actually mention "men are from mars"!
I actually would love to see a tornado! The dust storm is no fun James. People cough all the way.

I guess it is not that bad if you stay indoor. The strong wind makes thing worse. Especially for asthma sufferers.

No Body said...

haha.. right no dust neither haze..

kuching past few weeks haze problem quite severe now getting better after few times of heavy rain.. finally can see clearer sky..

Shingo T said...

It is a sign.
You are the chosen one.

Now go save the Earth from Barney the evil purple dinonsaur.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just got back. Was told by a lady in Perth that Sydney was hit by sandstorm.

I hate dusty and hazy conditions. Is this a first for Sydney? Don't think it's anywhere near like a desert for you guys to experience something like this.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

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Ayie said...

I was surprised to see also from one blogger pal about the sandstorm there. Same thing with mei, is it the first time there in sydney?

i love blue skiesbut given choices between haze and dust...maybe haze will be ok

Ai Shiang said...

Hui Ming,
Good to know. The dust storm here is also over.

I bet everyone else got the SIGN too :)

Unseen Rajasthan,
THank you.

Mei Teng, Ayie,
The last dust storm was in 1944 but not as serious as this recent one. The dust originated from New South Wales (NSW) state. The state I'm in. It blew from the rural area. The gale-force wind was so strong that it carried 5 million tons of dust with it. I think 75K tons got dumped onto Sydney. It was hard to breath. You can smell soil-like air. People coughed like hell.

zewt said...

must have been quite an experience :)

HappySurfer said...

Hi Ai Shiang, I saw that on the news the night itself and wanted to drop you a comment. Somehow the moment passed. Hope it's back to normal.

The news reported that it was brought in from the desert at the Outback. Those are really beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. Shocked to see people swimming and cycling. Did you have a hard time cleaning up your home?

KL weather is pretty good. We're having blue skies and sun these past few days. We even had strong howling winds yesterday reminiscent of the wind during the CNY. Nice.

foongpc said...

Wow! Red dust everywhere! Must be quite an experience! I don't know which is worse - the red dust or the haze!

Ayie said...

that's not a very nice experience back then...thanks

Ai Shiang said...

Zewt, Foongpc,
It was quite an experience but I do hope it does not repeat. It is rather hard that we need to breathe in soil/dust.

I heard from the news this morning that the dust is actually radio active. I don't know how that works but I do it goes back to normal. Those people who went swimming and cycling, I think they would end up with lots of dust in their lungs! Choking! I also heard the hospital got double the patients that day. It was okay cleaning up up our home, I sure hope no more of that :o).

It definitely wasn't. I hope that's the end of it.

Benedict Chow said...

hi Ai Shiang,

It is pretty surprising seeing the photos of Sydney Harbor turning red likes on Mar few days ago. However, can see some photo kakis really lovely this prety rare moment by the quantity and quality on photos posted online :D

How is the red dust storm at your place. The air getting better?

alison said...

wow! the photos look like scenes from movie.

Tes said...

looks like Mars indeed!

fufu said...

i once experienced the sand storm(from china) in japan, but we still need to go to the lab for the date analyzing ... my face was covered by a thin layer of dust...lucky the sand storm only lasted for 2days =p

didnt you put a lens protector on your lens? so you could go out take pictures...

Ai Shiang said...

I do hope that's the end of the dust storm. Everything else turned out to be so dusty.

Alison, Tes,
Thanks for dropping by.

Do you mean the lens protector or the protector that include the camera body too? I am looking for a protector that covers the whole camera. I currently have lens protectors already. But 2 of my other lens are not "L" range so not weather proof.