Friday, September 11, 2009

Ladybugs Predicting The Future

Tulips in the Royal Botanical Garden

About a month ago, I watched a documentary about how different creatures can predict the future. Do you know that ladybugs can predict the weather with 100% accuracy? They can do that 6 months in advance. There are over 5000 species of ladybugs and the most capable of them all is the orange ladybug. Scientists are still struggling to figure out how this tiny creature can predict the weather with astonishing accuracy.

When the weather begins to turn cold, these ladybugs will look for the best shelter. Sometime you might see over 100 bugs choosing the same spot. The ladybug is the first insect you'll see when the cold winter is over.

We have all sort of technologies and still get it wrong even for tomorrow's weather. I guess we lost all other capabilities to "speech".

Listed are just for my personal interest (or perhaps yours too):
(6) cats - predicts electric storms
(5) dogs - extrasensory perception
(4) sharks - hurricanes
(3) leeches - storm (thanks to oxygen)
(2) elephants - infrasound law frequency ramble
(1) ladybugs - 100% accuracy in weather, 6 months in advance.

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James said...

How did you do that cool picture? It's awesome!
Very interesting about the weather.
I can predict the rain. I'm not kidding either.
I had a very bad back injury 11yrs ago and I always know when it's going to rain a few days in advance by the feeling I get in my back.
I used to amaze my wife when I was more accurate then the weather people. :-) Now she's used to it.

Tekkaus said...

Yeah! The picture is so damn beautiful! My...I wish I could snap such beauty one day! =(

Tekkaus said...

Perhaps these blessed animals are more sensitive. :)

Huh? Ladybugs are that accurate? OMG!Then why don't the weather forecast centre use more of them? :p

Adeline said...

Ai Shiang,

Interesting facts about ladybugs! A unique angle looking at the tulips. Nice picture!

Benedict said...

Hi Ai Shiang, your photograph of the tulip from below is awesome!!! Yes, that is the power of natural instinct that somehow human is slowly losing touch with as we're more and more rely on technology. A lesson learned perhaps, it is safer to follow animal instinct than technology. So better run when suddenly see animals run? :D

hcpen said...

wowww..lovely tulips photo ai shiang!

HappySurfer said...

Great tips about the animal instincts. Reading about the cats instinct made me imagine the cartoon image of a cat's fur all standing on ends. haha..

It's true that if one has rheumatism, one can predict the weather. When that part of the body feels some pain, one will know that rain is imminent. I used to hear that from old aunties.

That's an awesome shot, Ai Shiang. So, how low did you go? haha..

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tulips! Wow..interesting fact on ladybugs (ladybirds?). I heard from somewhere that ladybirds are males although it's commonly thought to be females.

Ai Shiang said...

I placed the camera almost on the ground. So, I was shooting without knowing what I would get. Wow! You can predict the rain few days ahead? I can tell it's going to rain too, but I cheat a bit. When the sunset is very orange/red, that means there will be a storm.

well, the scientists still can't figure how the ladybugs do predict so the TV stations are not using it. Two different parties.

Thank you. Different angles make thing look a bit unusual :o)

Remember the tsunami in Thailand? No elephants were dead because they ran away long before the tsunami hit. The elephants could hear the low frequency ramble of the big waves.

Kam sia, kam sia.

Ayie said...

first AI, great shot!! love it! were you laying on the grass taking this photo?

this is a nice post too, something new i learned =)

happy weekend!

Ai Shiang said...

My hand was the cushion between the ground and the camera. That's as low as I could get. If the plants are taller then perhaps I can see and shoot. For this one, I just "tembak" (malay).

Mei Teng,
That's an interesting statement. Perhaps I should find out. I use to watch documentary a lot during weekends. Maybe will get to that part somehow rather :o)

Ai Shiang said...

the tulips are not very tall so I could not lay down to shoot. I just placed the camera on the ground with one hand as cushion then shot.

Ayie said...

I see! I thought those tulips are long stems like some of those I saw =)

James said...

You sure got a good shot!

I don't think it is wheat in my picture.
To be honest I don't know what it is.
For artistic purposes let's assume it's amber waves of grain like the line in the song "America the Beautiful" :-)

Unseen Rajasthan said...

The Photo is damn beautiful !! I loved the shot !! Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

Anonymous said...

simply beautifully captured shot....lovely!

fufu said...

yeah the fishermen/boatmen are more accurate than the weather forecast i must say... when i was in the philippines, a boatman told me not to worry about the weather but hop the boat and enjoy the beach... when was brought to the the sun was up there welcoming me and that day didnt rain as what the forecast told me it would be a stormy day ><

No Body said...

wow.. how u manage to get this photo.. haha.. you hv to lie on the ground ? or lay the camera on the ground with set timer ??

Ai Shiang said...

Unseen Rajasthan, Flyingstars,
Thanks for visiting and am glad you like the pic.

Haha! I bet they have some sort of extra special perceptions about the weather.

Hui Ming,
The camera was placed almost on the ground. I didn't see where I was shooting, just "agak-agak". I don't use timer.

Superman said...

I didn't know that ladybug is good with weather. Only know many times before a natural disaster happens, the animals are the first to sense it and react to it.
The photo is really nice from the angle you took it. Admire your photography skill.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ai Shiang, there are three kinds of people I never trust. Weather forecasters, politicians and stock market analyists....but ladybugs...yes.
I read about this long ago....they better than those super cray computers....

Okay, I better go check them out as my neice getting her PR very soon, expected to fly here in Feb next year....must check on weather, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

foongpc said...

Wow! What a nice shot of the tulips!

So good these ladybugs? Interesting!

I can also predict the rain but within hours, not days. I simply smell the air and the smell of rain is very obvious. Oh, also when I see dark clouds above. haha!

zewt said...

wow... what is "infrasound law frequency ramble"?? haha!

there's much to learn from these small creatures, isnt it?

Ai Shiang said...

Most animals have special instinct but not us unfortunately. Glad you like the pic and thank you for your kind comment.

Uncle Lee,
Haha! I don't trust market analysts as well. I think they are always behind with the trend.

Well, you can also predict the storm if you see the sunset with orange/red sky (not a normal sunset). Literally when you see red sunlight just for a few minutes. That means, there will be a storm tomorrow :o)

manglish said...

hey Ai Shiang, thanks for dropping by...are you a professional photographer now?

Ai Shiang said...

Ops! Wrong spelling, it should be infrasound "low" frequency ramble. It is the sound with frequencies below the audible range.

Photography is just a hobby not a profession :o)

alison said...

wow! i didn't know that and i live with a cat and a dog. :P and oh such cool shot of the tulips, love it!

Horsoon said...

This shot is so very awesome!!

Nabeel said...

this is a very beautiful photo. Always glad to see photographers experimenting with angles. Beautiful use of sunlight and the flowers are just pretty

Anonymous said...

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