Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Voilà! After the Dust Storm

Maritime Museum

After 2 dusty days, I had to do quite a bit of scrubbing to get rid of the dust, wipe wipe here and wipe wipe there. What is left is to wash the car. It is dusty even when parked inside the garage, unbelievable! I was covered with a thin layer of dust a day after the dust storm when I went for a run.

The air smells fresh and cooling again. Can you smell that too? :o)

I hope the blue sky is here to stay!

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Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ai Shiang, I can imagine that dust storm. Read about it as well on TV.
Must be horrible, I guess.
By the way, thats a beautiful pic of that tall ship. Outstanding! G'day, Lee.

HappySurfer said...

You went for a run a day after?!

James said...

I'm glad to hear that things are back to normal. That picture is cool. Kind of reminds me of Sci-Fi.

Superman said...

The dust storm is really scary. Read from the news. Horrible. Glad that the blue sky is back. I can smell the fresh and cooling air. I guess I am dreaming. It is killing hot over here this week.

manglish said...

finally it is over....is it healthy to run in such a condition?

Tekkaus said...

OMG! How come your photo looks so surreal!May I know what kind of camera you are using Ai Shiang? DSLR?

War....a lot of scrubbing to do? Must be pretty tired now huh! :p

Shingo T said...

The car wash must be booming with great business!

Ai Shiang said...

Uncle Lee,
Wow, the news about the dust storm was all over the globe indeed!

I did. I didn't see any dust at first. By the time I got home I touched my face, and I could feel the sand sticking to my face and ears.

Thanks for your kind comment.

Hahaha! That's funny. Dreaming is always good :o). No harm for that.

It's okay now to go for a run. But that 1 day after the dust storm, I could feel the sand sticking to my face and ears.

It is not because of my camera that my photos look surreal. It's because of a software that bind 3 of the same pics but in different tones that makes it look different than normal. I am using a DSLR.

Shingo T,
You're right, people queuing up for car wash. I like to wash the car myself rather than let other people scrub it :o)

Benedict Chow said...

Ai Shiang, you're superb with the digital darkroom, which I fail miserably ;) It is very beautiful artwork! What software did you use?

Ayie said...

it's inevitable to do all the scrubbing and wiping after a big duststorm like that. here it's quite hazy...cool breeze is back and summer's being kicked off already.

nice shot...clear Harbour again =)

Anonymous said...

Voila indeed! Good to hear the dust storm has cleared.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

This is a fantastic shot !! Colors are amazing !!Nice post !! I am impressed..Unseen Rajasthan

hcpen said...

The weather the past couple of days has been WEIRD! It was so damn cold like winter again! Only today is the weather better (hotter) and more like spring!

Ai Shiang said...

I hope you find the answer to your question :)

Thanks. Yes, all back to normal now but until a new problem emerges ... that's my next post.

Mei Teng,
♪"I can see clearly now the "dust" is gone" ♫. Haha! Just feel like singing.

Unseen Rajasthan,
Thank you!

Tell me about it. I think the weather is crazy too!