Friday, October 16, 2009

Driving Offences

A Display at A Roundabout

If I were to choose a different career, I would like to be a speed camera. You must be laughing right now huh?

I got excited when I heard that a speeding camera earns approximately $7 million annually. It's a great job, just stand there and snap photos for all drivers who drives more than 70km/hour. Best job ever!

Personally, I got fined for not having my license with me when I drove. Then, one time I crossed double yellow lines, a policeman stopped me, but I bribed him with RM10 for kopi money. I told him that's all I had with me. He let me go with a warning and of course he kept the RM10. Those took place when I was 17 or 18.

Not too long ago, I was A$132.00 out of pocket for parking at the airport, waiting for someone. Unfortunately I didn't see the "No Stopping" sign. That was back in Dec 2008. I have to say, there are just too many signs in Sydney. Absolutely confusing!

How many times have you been fined before?

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Anonymous said...

Ooh...I love taking photos and definitely don't mind a job of snapping at traffic offenders and earning AUD7 million p.a. ;)

Oh wow...where did that boulder come from and whose unfortunate car?!!

I have only been fined for parking without parking tickets. No major traffic offenses.

manglish said...

a few times for speeding and i always paid up the fines :) and i avoided that particular road, apparently it was their favourite spot

James said...

I've had one speeding ticket $60 in 1996, One falure to stop for a right turn $75 in 2002 and one parking ticket 1991. Nothing too exciting.

foongpc said...

I was almost fined for changing lanes at the traffic light when I just started driving many, many years ago. Lucky me, I managed to sweet talk my way to escape not only the fine but also the kopi money! haha!

My strategy : I just pretend to act dumb and totally innocent.

foongpc said...

As for parking without parking tickets, I got fined for that a few times already. So now I use an old parking ticket on the display. Becoz if you put a parking ticket (any outdated ones), you will get fined much less than if you have zero ticket on display. Haha!

foongpc said...

Ooh! I don't mind becoming a speed camera and get paid $7million annually! Beats my current pay anytime! But I wonder if I'll get bored with the job after some time? LOL!

Shingo T said...

I don't drive, so I get no fines.

The only fines I get in life are late bill payments - I always forget. =p

I wanna be a hunky speed camera when I grow up. =p

Ai Shiang said...

Mei Teng,
We could both be speeding cameras. You can take one corner and I'll take another haha!

Not sure where that boulder and damage car were from. I think it's rather appropriate to locate them in a roundabout. Sort of like reminding everyone to drive carefully :o)

Ah! Speeding! Did you speed in Malaysia or Japan? Did you go way over? I watch my speed meter all the time.

Sounds like you get fine almost every 5 years. What's the speed limit there?

Ah! Was that policeman or policewoman you sweet talked to? I pretended to be dumb also but it didn't work for me haha!

I would prefer to have $7million and be bored, don't you agree?

Shingo T,
Oh! Late bills huh? Can set it to automatic payments like direct debit by the billers then you will not forget anymore. Save the fines for Ice-cream or rojak :o)

Tekkaus said...

Once! :p Hahaha :D And the fine was RM30! LOL :D

Benedict Chow said...

haha I've the traffic police fined other parties for banging my previous car twice at separate occasion :D How I know? Because I photocopy their summons for insurance claim :P

One a big lorry bang my back on the highway and another a sedan bang my side door at junction.

What I hate most about these accident thing is not the accident itself but the suckers that swarm at traffic police station to repair your car. Many ridiculous claims can be made by these suckers such as the investigating officer (IO) will only speed up their investigation so I can claim insurance faster if my car is repair by them. Well, I just ignore those suckers as I just showed photos I shoot with the culprit to the IO :P

This is the beginning of my photography interest... always ready to get someone fined :D

After changed a new car, so far so good ;)

hcpen said...

i know where that is! It's at Walsh bay correct? Near the sydney harbour bridge..What were you doing there?

HappySurfer said...

What a coincidence that my latest post is on auto insurance.

No fine so far. Knock on wood!

Your picture reminds me of a bowling buddy's car that was smashed by a crane dropping its load on it, by accident, of course. Her car was parked downtown beside a shopping complex with some construction work going on nearby. Imagine her shock to find her car almost flattened. Good thing she wasn't inside the car. Horrors!!

Ai Shiang said...

Lucky you, just RM30.

Benedict Chow,
Wow, so much dramas huh? That all happened in Malaysia?
Does that mean you bring along your camera everywhere you go?

Yes, it's near the Harbour Bridge. It's Hickson street's roundabout. I was just passing by, jalan-jalan as usual.

That's a shocker! I hope she is insured!

gina said...

The only time I was fined was, we parked illegally at Bangsar. It wasn't me who got fined, it was my friend. The next morning, we went to pay the fine and.. guess what? The police station didn't even have our record coz we were too efficient. LOL!

Benedict Chow said...

hi Ai Shiang, yeah all happened in Malaysia as it is boleh land :D I've my Nokia N95 with 5 megapixels camera all the time with me. It can take a decent photos should I don't have my dslr for the best shoot at that time ;)

kenwooi said...

i got fined for parking at the wrong place.. and not putting the parking coupon when i park.. but just RM20 ob both occasions.. =)

Ai Shiang said...

Seriously? Did you friend still end up paying then?

Haha! Apa pun boleh indeed!

Seem like many people forget to put parking coupon. But RM20 is still okay.

manglish said...

in malaysia....i cycle in japan and so no risk of speeding hahaha....u know the funny part was the speed limit was 60km/j and my speed 68km/ get the idea!

Pete said...

Wah, RM10 also the police sapu leh!
The cars drive real fast in the Sydney highways, even those big trucks..LOL!

foongpc said...

That was a policeman! I think I was very young at that time and looked really innocent so he thought I was really innocent and let me go! Haha!

Peter Pan said...

nice blog & good question though !!!

a few times for me ...
good day!

Ayie said...

that's an interesting job! hehe i wouldn't mind at all!

many driving encounters and you bribed? naughty girl! I'm glad my record's clear =)

Ai Shiang said...

Wah! 8km/j also kena ticket! Terrible.

Memang sapu lah haha! Ada duit mesti ambil dulu.

Lucky you.

Peter Pan,
Thanks for dropping by. Wow! A few times for you huh? Speeding tickets?

Haha! I think someone taught me to bribe but cannot remember who. I am very naughty and cunning at times hahaha!

Ayie said...

so brave of you to do that! haha

James said...

Hi again. Speed limits vary quite a bit in this country, but it's typically 55 to 65 mph on the freeways and 30 to 45 on streets.

Every 5yrs? Oh no I'm over due. ;(

Ai Shiang said...

Over due in some cases are good thing :o)

Willie said...

HAhaha...u bribed?

I was fined before but i did not bribe the officers. AHhahaa

reanaclaire said...

few times fined.. and summoned too, lately... for speeding at 80km instead of 70k.. sigh.. i was fined 200rm which is equivalent to Aud 80..

Ai Shiang said...

I was still at secondary school. I did anything that come to mind to get away from bigger fine.

Wow! That's pretty steep getting RM200 fine. Having said that, I hardly hear that the traffic officers issuing speeding tickets in Malaysia.

Medie007 said...

hur hur hur... bloghopping.

i still haven't checked if i got any tickets just yet! LOL but i knw i've been speeding. hahaha

Peter Pan said...


it's more than 10 years am driving , assume 1 for each year! Not that much , huh?

& they are more parking tickets ... am not in rush , so i don't get speed ones! :))

Horsoon said...

I had a mild headache when I saw your pix ;) I felt it for the car!

Speaking of traffic tickets, I had once asked the 'polis' for change after finding I had only a RM50 notes - and he has agreed with a RM20 'kopi'...

Ai Shiang said...

Wow! RM20 kopi, RM10 more expensive than mine haha!