Sunday, October 25, 2009


South Steyne Floating Restaurant

Do you indulge yourself with lots of food, chocolate, shopping, cosmetic, shoes, manicure, pedicure every now and then?

Food is the indulgence for most.

Dining out is not very cheap if you're choosing restaurants at the high end. A plate of main may easily cost you A$30 and above. That might not even be filling at all.

At a well known Japanese Restaurant in town, their 13-course degustation menu cost A$195 per head. Would you spend that much for a meal?

We were deciding whether we should lose our NZ dollars to the foreign exchange or should we just spend it on ourselves. So, we had a degustation menu for NZ$140 for two in a Japanese restaurant. That was few years ago.

What was the most expensive meal you've ever had?

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kenwooi said...

A$ means Australian Dollars?
I love having food, but not so expensive ones.. =P
nice picture btw!

Tekkaus said...

Hmmm...the most expensive meal I have ever have? I spent it in Japanese Food with my wife. :D

HappySurfer said...

Thank goodness I'm spending in Malaysian Ringgit. LOL!

That is a beautiful picture. Sometimes, I wish KL is by a body of water. Sigh..

Peter Pan said...

I've spent pretty much on foods ... I don't remember all of'em though!
of course I usually spend on normal prices ... But i believed I've paid more than 100 USD per person sometimes ...

Ai Shiang said...

That's right, A$ is Australian dollars. Well, there are expensive ones and reasonably priced restaurants too.

Japanese food seems to be more expensive than other.

Good for you. I don't splurge like that often. That was the only time.

Peter Pan,
Once a long long time spending some money I guess it's alright. To me, if you earn some you got to spend some right?

Shingo T said...

The most expensive dinners I have are wedding dinners. =p

manglish said...

i really dont mind paying for good food...not all the time though...hahaha....i had HK style meal when I was back in KL recently..char siew and what not, about 100++RM for two which you can get like 5RM in the hawker center....but the char siew really melted in my mouth so no complain...the restaurant is Canton-I in sunway pyramid...:)

Superman said...

The boat restaurant is still there!! Is it Darling Harbour? I used to take photos in front of the boat but never go inside. The food price is too expensive for me...but the place is really pretty! Thanks for the nice photo.

Ai Shiang said...

Oh yeah, you're right. I've forgotten about that.

I bet the quality will definitely be different when you pay a lot more. Plus, the atmosphere will be more comfortable as well.

Yes, it is still there. You still remember huh? I never go inside as well. When the tables are covered with white tablecloth it is an indication that it's a pricey place :o)

No Body said...

ya i do pamper myself once in a while.. the most expensive on.. hmm.. treated by vendor.. :)) fo myself i nvr spend more than RM 60 pax..

o ya heard from news that recently sydney been haunted by *sand storm*.. serious ??

Ai Shiang said...

Hui Ming,
The sand storm was back in September. Already over. I've posted an entry on 23 September when it took place. How come Kuching got the news so late?

Pete said...

Agree, dining out is expensive but I guess the raw food stuff expecially meat and green produce are very cheap in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant shot! :)

Talking about AUD30...yes I spent that amount of a dish of deep fried prawns, fish fillet and chips. That would be RM90 and I could have eaten a way more satisfying meal here!

Food is cheaper here and I like the variety we have. Plus, you can get food the whole day.

Ai Shiang said...

I think the fruits and vegetable are quite reasonable at the wet market. I still think Malaysia is cheaper.

Mei Teng,
I used to spend that much when I first started in the workforce. But few years later I hardly spent that much for food anymore. Maybe I lost interest haha! I would go for those hawker food. They have my favorite and not limited to just steak, chips and mash.

I think the food that costs A$30 has nothing special.

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

I love the title of your blog "it's raining ice-cream" - that must be every child's dream!
Lovely photo btw. To answer your question, I wouldn't spend that much for a meal - not that I coudl afford it mind. Sometimes I wonder - does the high cost of a meal mean it is better/superior/tastier? Maybe, but maybe not. A good pub meal is every bit as enjoyable to me as a meal that cost way more.
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Ayie said...

Once in a while i don't mind spending much for nice eats. Our most recent fine dining experience was when we went to the waterfront restaurant and had a sumptuous meal there. The bill was $140 plus tip. Back there in the Phils I go to expensive places on occasions.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ai Shiang, thats a beautiful pic of boat and harbour.
I guess I'm not a Japanese food fan....
and not overboard with eating out, maybe on weekends, lunch with the wife.

Most expensive meal? When I dated a lovely lady in Malaysia and invited her to have dinner with me in New York...add plane tickets etc....that dinner was THE most expensive.
But worth it....I won her, ha ha. Today she cooks for me, wheeeeee. Have a nice day, Lee.

Ai Shiang said...

I actually agree with you. Costly does not mean tastier or extra special. I think as long as produces are fresh it will be superior, that means we can cook it ourselves!
I am glad you drop by. I can see more of Melbourne!

I guess you earn some it is legal to spend some at times :o)

Uncle Lee,
Long time no see.
Hahaha! I guess that's money well spent :o)