Thursday, October 1, 2009

Low Humidity

When you listen to the weather forecast, do you pay attention to the humidity level at all? I didn't until recently.

I've been having dry skin problems for weeks. I've to keep moisturizing throughout the day.

It's such a shocker to find out that the humidity level is only 7 today! Moisture is almost none existence. How can it be so low!?

No wonder my throat felt dry even in my sleep. Waking up with dry blood clogging my nose. This weather is so darn torturing! Can't it decide on one weather and stick with it? It's fluctuating like the stock market.

Do you stay well hydrated as often as you can remember?

Don't drink enough fluid - you get headache and feel nauseating.

Don't keep the skin moisturized - dry skin will become sensitive and may develop into eczema or dermatitis alike problems. It feels itchy, flaky, scaly and tight, sometime inflamed.

You can also get dry skin and dry lips if you stay too long in air-conditioned room or with the heater on for long hours. Ladies (and these days maybe gentlemen too), dry skin can give you wrinkles!

To check the humidity in your area click here.

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gina said...

I got skin problems when i visited Mel and Syd last year. There were flakes dropping off my face! And both my thighs and arms were itchy. They said it's wind burn. Maybe I was not used to the weather. It's all the weather my friend. So, please drink more water and keep yourself dehydrated.

James said...

I get dry skin sometimes but I like dry weather better than humid.

Tekkaus said...

I think in Malaysia the humidity is quite high. That's why there is no problem?

Besides I don't notice that the weatherman in Malaysia talks about Humidity! need to keep your skin moisturize all the time? Take care now!

manglish said...

I never pay attention to humidity until you mentioned it....i just checked from the link you provided and found that it is quite humid in japan'd better drink more water, more moisturizing masks hahaha u dry up like an orange....:p

Ai Shiang said...

I am definitely living beside the "Sahara" haha! Very harsh weather. Sometime I feel like I'm losing the water inside my body faster than ever. Definitely drink plenty to rehydrate.

Dry weather is definitely feel more comfortable. But would appreciate if it is not to the extreme side.

They should have the humidity level printed but not mention, maybe?

More like drying up like a sotong. Good for cooking in soup!

Superman said...

I didn't know about that until I landed in Australia for a few weeks in Uni time. I woke up finding blood on my blanket. Only then I realized that it was myself scratching my arms in my sleep as it is too itchy. When to see doctor had she said it is dermatitis. Prescribe me with some cream and ask me don't use those soap that form foams. Then it get better after a week.

~Elaine Tam~ said...

I also dunno the humidity in Malaysia...I just know the temperature...which is freaking hot... =__="

Nice blog.....Feel free to drop by mine :)

foongpc said...

What?! Humidity only 7? That's way too low! No wonder you are suffering from dry throat!

Malaysia's humidity is high most of the time so again I'm thankful to be living in Malaysia! : )

Of course, the hot weather and high humidity also makes the sweat sticks to our skin, which is so uncomfortable! But it does keep us young! Haha!

HappySurfer said...

Gosh! 7 is really not a lucky number in this case. haha.. It must have been that Outback desert storm that caused it. Glad it's back up again.

Weather forecasts here don't talk about humidity because in our tropical climate, that is not a concern, I guess.

Great tool there. Thanks for sharing, Ai Shiang.

Pete said...

no wonder the pharmacy near my house ran out of moisturiser! ha ha ha!

Ai Shiang said...

I try to moisturize once more before I go to bed to avoid scratching myself and not even knowing it.

Elaine Tam,
Not many pay attention to humidity though.

Haha! Good point there :o) The sweat keeps the skin moist.

Hey, I believe 7 is a number that means fatal though, that's from the bible. The weather forecast usually only prints the humidity but don't read it out loud. Today's weather is much better, deserved some cooling down with some rain overnight.

Haha! Is it that serious? I thought Malaysians don't really need to use moisturizer.

Anonymous said...

There's no need to check the weather over here. It's all year round hot and humid. Having said that, I prefer weather with humidity. Otherwise, it just feels so dry on the skin.

I believe M'sian weather is still the best for my skin. Over in Australia, my skin felt so dry.

chubskulit said...

I don't listen to it either. Thanks for posting this, at least now I have a little idea about it..

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No Body said...

Take care and drink enough water put lip balm and lotion all the time.. ;)

There is good and bad for dry air.. For example you could put "snack" expose in the air for hours there still crispy and crunchy.. Try it in m'sia it will lose it in few mins..

Ai Shiang said...

Mei Teng,
I know what you mean. I was even suggested I should move to more humid country haha!

Thanks for dropping by. Glad that this post contribute a bit to something :o)

Hui Ming,
Oh yeah! That snack part i understand. I used to keep my biscuits without any containers and they were still crispy after weeks. That's back in NZ though.

Ayie said...

sad to say humidity is very low here =(

Ai Shiang said...

Keep yourself well hydrated and moisturize as often as you can.

Ayie said...

tnx for the tip =)