Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hall of Longevity

Something you wouldn't miss seeing in Chinese culture - dragons and the word "longevity".

The gold-brown dragon represents Guangdong and the blue dragon represents NSW (New South Wales). The Pearl of Prosperity is carried by a wave between the dragons symbolizes the bond between the two states.

When I stepped into the Hall of Longevity, it reminded me of a piece of Chinese history during the Qin Dynasty. I actually learned about it as a bed time story as a kid. The Emperor, Qi Shi-huang was obsessed about immortality that he ordered his advisors to find the best medicine available so that he could live forever! This sounded like a legend, didn't it? We all know that immortality is impossible.

People always say that loving what you do (as in your job) is the key to longevity. But not everyone ends up with what he/she likes as a career. Would you agree or disagree?

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Unseen Rajasthan said...

This is a beautiful shot !! Loved The post !! Thanks for sharing..

Ayie said...

a good story behind this wall

immortality? i believe things come to an end for a fresh new start

rainfield61 said...

You should be feeling like home when visiting all these places.

Home sweet home.

manglish said...

i imagined a brighter pic if the sky wasnt tat cloudy the day you took the shot...yeah...great pics with all the colors...a pity eh?! :)

the secret to longevity? with such depressing world, i dont think i want to live tat long hahahaaha

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

I always admire Chinese Craft and design. They are unique and they like dragons very much. Furthermore, I was born in the year of the Dragons. Hehehe

Ai Shiang said...

Unseen Rajasthan,
Thank you for the compliment.

Yes, everything has birth and death unfortunately that's the natural law. No one can live forever.

That's a good point. I didn't even think of missing home when I visited the garden. Maybe I've been away too long. Besides, this place feel very artificial. Maybe that's the problem hahaha!

I actually prefer taking photos during cloudy days, dusk/dawn or night. Big blue sky can easily give you over-exposure. Taking pic during noon is also a no no.
Depressing world? Is it because of the people, the weather or the food? Any reason you picked Japan in the first place?

Indeed Chinese crafts are impressive since they have 5,000 years of history. I think kuching has many fascinating temple. Perhaps you can try taking photos. But I am not sure if they will allow photographing the interior at all. Oh! You're born in the year of the Dragon? Then I know how old you are already lah haha!

Superman said...

Nice angle of the shot! Not people can do what they love to do. So do I. But I hope I can have the chance soon...planning for one now.

Ben said...

Pretty dramatic shoot! Nice angle with the gloomy sky making the two dragons so vivid :) Hmmm, I think the most important in live is live happily and healthily with your love ones and doing what you cherish. Longevity is just a matter of figure and mean nothing if the person living his life in sorrow and lonely.

Adeline said...

That's an amazing shot! Instead of finding ways to stay immortal, I'd rather enjoy life as much as I could now. Living life to the fullest is what I strive for.
Even if we ended up not enjoying our career as much as we'd like to, there're other things in life (family, friendship, personal interests etc.) that we can look forward to.

Pete said...

Immortality might be possible in future. I remembered reading news about scientist new findings recently that might hold the key to immortality!

Tekkaus said...

Being happy is the best medicine for longevity? :p Yeah! We chinese really love dragons right? Some of us even named our child after dragons.

Ai Shiang said...

Good for you! We don't need to just stay doing what we don't like. There is always a way to change. All ways lead to Rome.

Thanks for the compliment. I guess staying healthy is the most important. You have a point there, what's the point to live forever if one is sad.

I'm thinking of the same thing, I don't want to live forever. Especially when I'm old and can't walk anymore! It's a burden then :o)

That's something new. I've heard of that yet. Did those scientist tested it on mouse again? You know, everything works on mouse.

Don't you think being happy is the key? Nobody wants to be sad everyday. Oh! Now I recall, boys do have names after dragons :o)

HappySurfer said...

Nice work of art.

It's cliched but it's the quality of life that counts, right?

Trust you are having nice weather there, Ai Shiang.

Ai Shiang said...

Hopefully these few days will be cooler, which is better. two days ago, it was like 35 or 37 degree. I tried not too move too much otherwise, I'll get grumpy 'cos it's just too annoyingly hot. I hate summer! Hahaha!

Dora said...

Totally agree that one not necessarily enjoys his/her job rather it's not their choice of career... anyway, I love the dragons there!

Shingo T said...

Often in life, many of us are faced with the question "Do something we love?" or "Do something we are good at?"

I chose both.

Ai Shiang said...

I guess sometime we just need to be brave to make that change.

I was staring at these 2 questions. I do think they should co-exist.

foongpc said...

Nice pic! Immortality is impossible? But we are immortal. Well, I mean our souls can never die.

Loving what you do is the key to longevity? Maybe that's true because when you love what you do, you are happy and happiness is definitely the key to longevity : )

James said...

That picture is amazing. It almost looks 3-D.
I you do take some reflection pictures don't forget to join Weekend Reflections. :)

I love strawberries!