Saturday, January 30, 2010

Noisy Neighbour

Our neighbors, either in the same complex or those terrace houses across the street were usually very quiet. Not this evening, one of the neighbors across the street was having some sort of party. None stop very loud music and people yelling, they're probably drunk.

I wish they could be a bit quieter so that I could do my work and enjoy a night watching Federer played some tennis. After 60 minutes of loud music I was starting to get irritated. I couldn't even hear what I was watching on the tele. 3 hours later, the music was still going strong and I really wanted to puke. Almost midnight, 3 policemen came and got them to switch off the music. Thank goodness! Somebody must have called the police. These partying people are really brainless!.

The photo above was taken at the harbour during a quiet breezy evening stroll. This cafe is called The BlackBird Cafe. I keep seeing the word "blackbird" recently and wonder what it really is.

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Rafael Lam said...

Unlucky you have those brainless noisy neighbors, hope they will stop it from now...
Your picture make me miss the nice cafe shops and restaurants of Sydney...

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

wow. nice photo.

reanaclaire said...

maybe they are having some party of some sort.. bear with it..hahaha.. nice scenery u took..

James said...

Hi Ai Shiang. It's nice to hear or would it be read from you. :) I get really angry when neighbors are loud. Thankfully it doesn't happen often for me either.I hope all is going well for you. I really like the picture. The lighting and colors are great. I still need to buy a tripod. :)

I found this as one of the definitiions of "blackbird"

"Australian. A South Sea Islander kidnapped and sold into slavery in Australia; a Kanaka"

Anonymous said...

I have unusually "noisy" neighbours that wake up during odd hours when people are still sleeping or right just before my alarm rings.

One lady used to scream at her daughter and talk very loudly. Thankfully, it has since stopped...many months back.

Now, there are some guys who shower in the backyard instead of in the home. What's wrong with these people?! Backyards aren't for showering!

Sigh....I wish I live in quieter neighbourhoods.

Btw, why is the cafe named Blackbird?

Filip Demuinck said...

Very special building

MKL said...

I hate noisy and ignorant people in general. Poor you >_<

Ben said...

I guess the noise from across the street must be very loud over 100 dB that you can't even hear from the TV in front of you... and worst is when they blasting with high pitch music such as techno... By the way, I like your photo of Blackbird Cafe pretty much. The color, contrast, exposure and sharpness are sweet and you cover nicely the tall tower and the dining area in front of it ;)

hcpen said...

nice photo at darling harbour!:-)

HappySurfer said...

Awesome-looking cafe. Have you been inside? A great shot, Ai Shiang.

Is Tennis your game?

Lily Riani said...

my housing area during school holidays.... the malay weddings take place every week... their karaoke session starts from 12pm to 1am... beh tahan

Paul said...

Blackbird... may be the Supersonic Jet

Ai Shiang said...

Willie, Filip, Hcpen,
Glad that you like the pic :o)

Rafael, ReanaClaire, James, MKL,
I really cannot tolerate those noisy people. They don't really care if they've disturbed the peace and quite surroundings.

Mei Teng,
Showering in the backyard? That's funny. I hope he's just doing it for fun then huh? But no body likes to see other people going naked :o). As for blackbird, I think I have to Google for the information. Not sure what it is.

Not sure what was the decibel, but it was way too loud. No wonder the policemen turned up at their front door. Glad you like the pic.

I sat outside not inside :o)
I tried playing tennis once but I hurt my back. Tennis is a game I enjoy watching. Any other sports like rugby, football, or even cricket are not my cup of tea. So, almost every January, I will hug the television and only watch one channel :o)

Lily Riani,
Wah, until 1AM every week? I think I will go crazy! No wonder you're also beh tahan lah :o)

Is "blackbird" really supersonic jet? I always have the impression that it might be a type of native bird in Australia. Not sure. I'll check :o)

fufu said...

lucky the germans/foreign students here are all well educated! they will turn off the music after 11pm hohoho

manglish said...

do you think they know who called the police and bear a grudge later? hahahaha

Horsoon said...

A very well controlled lighting of a night shot :) - Certainly better than the drunken neighbors ;)

foongpc said...

Wow! That's so inconsiderate of your neighbours! If me, I would be the one calling the police! Haha!

Blackbird? Why you keep seeing this word? Maybe it's a sign. A sign of things to come. Haha : )

Shingo T said...

The noisiest neighbours I know are those playing mahjong.

But I can't complain against them, because I also play mahjong. =p

Pete said...

Ahhh, there are having early countdown to CNY....LOL!

Ai Shiang said...

Good for you :o)

I reckon they are too drunk to remember anything.

Thank You very much.

We also thought that we should call the police if they didn't turn off the music by mid night. Apparently someone beat us to it.

I think playing mahjong is still okay. You wouldn't believe how irritating that neighbour was that night. Unbelievable.

Haha! We hope. They are not Chinese lah :o)

Bananazą“• said...

I cannot sleep when hungry and noisy. Can understand how you felt with those loud music. Thought kwailo are more 'civilised' and considerate?

Tes said...

I was distracted with the photo before I got to read your post, then I went back to the photo after reading...teehee. Beautifully captured, Ai Shiang! Love the lighting and the shadows. Beautiful architecture too. :) I use to have annoying neighbors too in one of the apartments we use to live in...

kenwooi said...

noisy neighbours are annoying.. =)

gina said...

Sorry for not dropping by in awhile. Been busy in the office as well! Quarterly results!

When you mentioned Blackbird, I instantly thought of the movie: Public Enemy starred Johnny Depp (*Love*).. he said, "Bye bye Blackbird" when he died on the pavement after being shot by the police.The message was meant for Billie, his gf. How touchingly romantic. I cried buckets of tears.

Ai Shiang said...

They are not civilised when drunk.

Tes, Kenwooi,
Thanks for dropping by. Noisy people are really annoying.

Ah! I recall that line now that you mentioned it. How I wish he didn't have to die.

Ayie said...

back home we had the same noisy dad called on police =P