Friday, February 19, 2010


It was the start of the week. As I was trying to get connected to "the other end", a black screen appeared and it kept telling me that "a disk read error occurred". That was as far as it could go. "Sian, I don't need to do any work lah this week is that it?" I was thinking out loud. A few minutes later, I found out that my hard disk had went kaput! I could not believe a hard disk could be destroyed exactly on its 5th anniversary. Maybe I've been too hardworking (*Ahem!)

I've lost all my bookmarks, my favourite webs and blogs that I visited every so often. But I am so glad that backups have been made on all my photos and documents.

Beside that, my second drama was my left-front tyre was punctured by a nail. And the third drama was a truck nearly hit me straight from the front as I stopped for the traffic lights. What a week!! I was blaming the planetary alignment again.

I'm finally re-connected to the world with my new CPU! As soon as I recall all those blog links, I will be visiting you again.

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Bananazക said...

Glad things went well after so much of "uninvited" mishaps. Blame the planetary alignment? Very profound indeed, what went mis-aligned? Take care. tQ

MKL said...

That's something I fear the most. That would be a horrible thing for me. I have back ups, but my lappy is sacred to me. Wouldn't wanna have people fix it and go thru my things. Happy to see you're back :)

Lily Riani said...

it happened to me twice last year.... the "planetary mis-aligned" on me again. now it's ok, i make sure backup even my "back-up"ED and got my "back-up"ed to be "back-up-ed"ED by co share drive... phew... what a task.

uLi.佑莉 said...

Hmm...looks like I really want to backup my files in several place already >.< Remember to visit me ya :)

James said...

Your week sounds sort of like mine. I hope things are getting better for you. I love this picture it's so dynamic. :)

reanaclaire said...

hey.. like that sounds like a nitemare to me.. if my pc goes kaput, i will be at a loss...

Tekkaus said...

Gosh..thank goodness nothing bad happened. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about what happened. Good to hear you're back with a new CPU! :)

HappySurfer said...

Ai Shiang, glad things are back to good now. May the new year bring you happiness, health and prosperity.

Love the bridge shot.

kenwooi said...

wow.. dramatic eh.. glad that things went well.. =)

and the picture is really nice!

Ai Shiang said...

Well, I lost my Astrolog software (the software I used to have to look at planetary locations - just for fun), so I absolutely have no idea. I guess I just wanted to blame it on something/somebody. Do you know that big investment banks use astrology to invest? It's all about alignment of those planets from geocentric perspective.

It's absolutely a headache if no backup is done. Keep up the good work and habit of backup-ing.

Lily Riani,
Hahaha! That's so funny. So many back-ups huh?

Perhaps do backup once a month for those important stuff - like your photos maybe? And other documents. If a hard disk fail, there isn't a way to recover anything.

May the new week be a better one for all of us.

I've been lost for 1 week without "it".

Thank goodness for that! I yelled out when the truck almost hit me. I was the driver but I couldn't move even if anything did happen. But really glad that the truck driver swirled to avoid me.

Mei Teng,
New year, new CPU huh? haha! Well, I have lots of things to catch up now.

Thank you, same to you too!

Thank you very much, glad you like the picture. Happy New Year!

Rafael Lam said...

Hope everything alright for you from now...
the Harbour Bridge night shot is awesome!

Bananazക said...

Thanks for the info. Huh investment banks invest by looking at astrology and not on their sophisticated technical charts bla bla. So astrology is their 'chart'. haha. Have a great week ahead. tQ

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Oh gee...i feel sorry for you.

manglish said...

hahhahhah i would really go beserk if my laptop were to die on me now and in fact it did, about 1 month ago and without any hesitation, i bought a new one the next morning when the electronic shop was open, i CANNOT live without internet or laptop, btw, just to let you know of your comment in my lastest entry, I agree with you WHOLLY!!!! I have many bad experience with ppl from that faith, it is really an irony. was thinking of emailing you, but could not find your email address anywhere in your blog, maybe i didnt try harder hahahah...anyway, there you go, i said it in the public here in your comment instead of mine in fear of offending some of my blogger frens...cheers...

Shingo T said...

Good thing that your blog isn't hosted on your own lappy, Ai Shiang.

And more importantly, glad you still unharmed after the horrible incidents that took place.

It's good to have a Thanksgiving session every few weeks, to slow down your pace, and be thankful for all the good things (and not the bad things) that has happened.

Cheer up, and may the New Year bring you great joy and maybe a booming soap business too!

Ai Shiang said...

Everything seems to be back to normal now. Thank you.

Technical charts are a must to be profitable. For longer term, some do use astrology, just to find out the turning of a up/down trend.

Hahaha! Thanks :o)

I was without a desktop for 4 days. I went straight to buy a new one too. I can't do anything without one.

Oh yeah, that faith, I also have bad experiences actually disgusting ones. I also don't know where to start. It's ironic to say that somehow.

Shingo T,
Thanks a lot. Everything seems to be back to normal now :o) But no booming soap business lah. I'm not running that, but something else.

hcpen said...

Hope u have a better yr in the year of the tiger!")

foongpc said...

Wow! Count yourself lucky! 3 unlucky events and you survived them all! Aren't you lucky? : )

foongpc said...

Maybe the Five Yellow flew into your bedroom this year of the Tiger? Did you check it? Five Yellow, in feng shui is the most dreaded stars that bring illness, loss of wealth and bad luck!

lechua said...

okay bad old week gone... can only get better..phew for back up... & a stunning photograph to a great start again!

Ayie said...

That's a dilemma for me, glad things went well after all.

Love that bridge Ai!

Paul said...

I am always paranoid with hard drives... they are mechanical parts... and mechanical parts fail over time... can't wait to switch over to solid state drives. Best to have at least 2 copies of everything :)

Ai Shiang said...

Wish everyone that we will all have a good tiger year!:o).

Wah, you are into Feng shui kah?

Thanks so much Lechua. I wish you the same for the new year - a good start.

Thanks very much. How are you doing with the new arrival so far? Busy?

Oh yeah, I recalled from one of your posts that you were having some problems with your computer. Are you using laptop or desktop? I do make backup once a month.

foongpc said...

Oh yes! I'm into feng shui though not obsessed with it. This year, Five Yellow flies into the Southwest sector of your home, so be careful not to disturb this section of the house : )

Horsoon said...

What an adventurous week, eh? ;)

Hey this is a very beautiful shot! HDR?

Ai Shiang said...

Yes, it's an HDR.