Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Year of The Tiger

Are you in the mood for Chinese New Year already? Is red your colour? Are firecrackers still legal these days? It used to be that time of the year again when I dug in for my favorite soft drink and lots of bak kwa a.k.a long yoke, until I lost my voice. Of course not forgetting collecting ang-pows. That was then, what about now?

My friends are telling me that they spend excessively during the festive season. It has become retailers sales boosting period rather. A friend in Singapore, she would get away and travel the world every Chinese New Year just to skip the hassle of CNY. Would you do that too?

Wish you all a very happy tiger power Chinese New Year, 新年快樂.

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fufu said...

yeah i wanna eat bak kwa =p but where can i get it here in germany?? anyway anyway gong xi fa cai =) i will celebrate it alone here with assignments

MKL said...

It just happens that I will fly in the CNY, hehe. And that on Taiwan. Although my girl says, it's not as festive there anymore as it used to be, I still hope to enjoy some yummy food, play mahjong and visit some temples. In Europe, CNY is not really present, but it's my fav holiday :) I can't wait to celebrate ;)

Tekkaus said...

yeah! I am in the mood already. And red is definitely my fav colour right now.

Lily Riani said...

fireworks in msia in illegal but kids play it anyway... the smaller ones. normally i like to see the angpow packet design and LOH SANG! LOVE LOH SANG! in fact, today first tome am going to "LOH"... yeay! maybe this i shall take pics on the angpows and the loh sang....hemm.....

wishing everyone a happy chinese new year!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you and your family a fabulous CNY! :)

Red isn't really my colour. I don't like dressing up like a red packet for CNY. But I found a nice cheongsam few days ago in white and pink and I will be wearing it for the reunion dinner.

I also don't shop specifically for CNY. In fact, I hardly feel the excitement of the CNY celebrations. Feels more like just another holiday to me.

What's the celebration like in Sydney?

hcpen said...

Happy Year of the Tiger~I love CNY, it's my favourite festival in the whole year actually, cos i'm very proud of my chinese/asian heritage:) Really dissapointing to hear ppl 'escaping' from cny, never hear ppl 'escaping' from western festivals such as Easter or Christmas..also Mei Teng, good for u, found a nice cheongsam to wear!

reanaclaire said...

CNY is a time for food.. this year will be devouring good food, tiger right? so must do that.. hahaha..

HappySurfer said...

I know a couple who travel every CNY too. I wonder where will they be off to this year. Luckily CNY is a good 15 days. At least they get to celebrate it the second week.

Are you able to get bak kwa in Sydney? If so, are they just as nice?

Nice ang ang shot. What's this structure?

Happy Chinese New Year, Ai Shiang.

manglish said...

happy CNY, very nicely crafted....hmmm....wat do you call that place? no cny for me this year and definitely no valentine hahaaha and no bak kwa too wuaaaaaaaaa hahaaha

Superman said...

I will stay home and celebrate CNY with family. Fire crackers still banned in Malaysia...
Happy Chinese New Year!

Ai Shiang said...

Haha! Assignments are long gone in my life :). Good luck to you!

Hope you have a good trip, travel safe.

Tekkaus, Lily Riani,
I can sense you're all excited already. :o)

Mei Teng,
That description on dressing up like an ang-pow makes me laugh! I think there are quite a number of celebrations going on in the city throughout a week or so. But those days will still be normal days, no holidays.

Yay! I'm proud to be a Malaysia Chinese too :)

Happy feasting!

I know only one shop that sells bak kwa in Chinatown. I didn't really buy and try. But they do look good. I attempted making them myself twice and they tasted pretty good, and I'm glad. So, I'm making them whenever I've bak kwa craving PS: surprisingly it's not hard to make at all.

That ang ang shot was taken in one of the Pagodas.

If you're keen, can try making them, it's not hard. Just try couple of times you'll be laughing of how easy it is. If keen, let me know, I'll let you know where to find a trusted recipe for making bak kwa - maybe you've even come across it before :)

Happy Chinese New yEar! Spending quality with family is sweet.

Shingo T said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you too, Ai Shiang.

May you HUAT in the new year! $_$

I am always back in Malaysia during CNY, I love the sound of firecrackers. It makes the festival so festive.

Gotta watch what I eat, the new year munchies are evil.

lechua said...

nice photo... this week in kl, folks are rushing to get food supplies to prep up (here tesco opening til 1am this year) - and yes alot of money is spent i feel (prices go up every yr) but i still enjoy the festivity esp not havin to work!

wishing you GONG XI FA CAI for the year of the tiger!

uLi.佑莉 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Seem you are another person who has passion in photography. So we are "kaki" :D But you seems much better than me, I have to follow you and learn from you now ^^ Happy CNY ya!

Adeline said...

I still remember those days in the university where I had to attend classes and study for tests during Chinese New Year. At least this year I'll have the weekend to celebrate CNY!
Talking about CNY, I missed those yummy CNY treats so much :P

Ayie said...

hi ai!

I don't celebrate cny but I love to get some stuffs back home, many foods to feast on =P

Ayie said...

thanks for your greetings!

Horsoon said...

新年快樂 to you too!

gina said...

Gong hei fatt choi to you too! That's an awesome shot, Ai Shiang!

A few of my friends also prefer to spend their CNY overseas. Well, I am more of the conventional thinking group ie. old fashioned. Haha! I think families should spend more time together for CNY - afterall, how many more years do you think we would be able to spend it with our aged parents? However, I understand some parents can be overbearing at times.. so.. it's their choice, really. I am glad both my parents are alright - apart from being slightly eccentric at times.. but I love them all the same. :D

Bananazക said...

Whoa nice fine art work. Where is this place? Can tolerate red color no sweat with me. Firecrackers are banned but can still hear them intermittently. CNY is just another day would prefer to stay indoors not going places. tQ

No Body said...

still in cny mood.. i like cny despite i m old enuf.. haha..

skip the hassle of CNY?? NO.. NO.. i personally think the festive give good opportunity for me to meet up with relatives and friends as I don hv much chance (esp. time) n lazy to so at usual time.. Just once a year clip up with friends.. I FEEL GOOD!!!

Ai Shiang said...

Haha! Same to you too, Gong Xi Huat Chai :o)

It is ashame that prices always get markup before CNY. GONG XI FA CAI to you too.

Photography perhaps is my 3rd most loveable hobby :o)

Haha! I bet you can make lots of goodies to celebrate CNY this year.

Ayie, Horsoon,
All the best for the new year my friends.

I guess everyone has different preferences on how to celebrate CNY huh? I use to skip it most of my life. But I did spend most time with family members when I was in Msia. But when I left I never celebrate CNY.

This photo was taken inside a pagoda.

Hui Ming,
Good for you. Sounds like you're enjoying yourself there, that's what count :o)

foongpc said...

Oh, I'm late here! Anyway, wish you Happy CNY! Better late than never, haha!

I like this photo! Beautiful!!! hat place is this with its intircate carvings?