Monday, March 22, 2010


Lemon Myrtle Soap
Rose Geranium and Lavender Soaps

We all know that oil and water cannot combine. By using a base, you can make them a couple! Emulsify oil and water with the correct medium or emulsifying wax, you can create soap/detergent, lotion/cream, hair conditioner, shampoo, shower gel, liquid soap etc. Sounds easy doesn't it?

Do you know of any other stuff that involve emulsifying oil and water?

Science is fun! Are you a science whizz kid? Did you remember learning all these in school? I didn't think I pay enough attention. That brain wave of mine was usually quite fuzzy.

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fufu said...

nice soup!!! nicely done!! so artistic :)

manglish said...

very beautiful AS!! r u making a living out of making soaps 2? hope u do, i m quite sure it will sell...

Anonymous said...

I was never much into science in school. But making soap is fun.

The lemon myrtle soap bar looked like a piece of delectable cake with a bit of yellow cream on top! :)

uLi.佑莉 said...

Hehehe...I just know the soap is nice! ^^

Bananazക said...

Would be nice to the bubbles as per the soap color instead of the norm white foams or you can do that as well? Feel like eating em. tQ

Lily Riani said...

thats brand new info for me AND i just wanna say, your first pic look so nice that for a second i tot it was banana cake...ehhehe.... i must have been hungry.

Tekkaus said...

The thought of these soaps being made by you is already so jaw-dropping. It is as God-made. :p

Ristinw said...

wow! your photographs make me really happy and hungry ^ ^
ice-creams are just my favorite!!! I can't live without them! XD

lechua said...

oooh more soap... i really like them.... like the swirly patterns on the pink. the lemon one looks pretty unique too... the rough edges are deliberate rite?

Superman said...

I am not good in science and especially chemical. The soup is so nice and looks like layer cake for me.

Ayie said...

not a science whiz but 2 thumbs up for your soaps!

XiaoBai said...

hi Ai Siang...

SO nice your new soap!!!!...
Could I have 2 pieces of those?? :)

Salameander said...

I love your technique with the lemon myrtle soap! Must have taken some time to do all those layers. Your patience shows :)

Ai Shiang said...

Fufu, Uli, Tekkaus,
Thank you!

No, I'm not selling soaps for a living. They do sell. I sold quite a number of the :o)

Mei Teng,
If school taught us all practical stuff, perhaps everyone would be paying more attention. Till today, I think I've wasted heaps of time learning theories and never use them.

I come across an article talking about how to create coloured bubbles. But I'm not too keen to try it out.

Lily Riani,
Thank you. I notice that you always come across new information from my posts, which is good :o)

They are not ice-cream. They are soaps! Soap bar you shower with.

Handmade is usually rough and rustic looking. I wanted them to look as smooth as possible, but sometime, that just does not happen, which is good too :o) That's what handmade is about.

Ah! Never mind, as long as we are good at what we do now, isn't it true? School is just about getting the certificates.

*wink wink, thank you :o)

They've been reserved for you as discussed :)

I notice that you like layered soaps. You should try making them. They are easier than swirling.

Rafael Lam said...

Don't know nothing about it...
but the soaps are beautiful,
think they are cakes! ^.^

kenwooi said...

they looks beautiful.. but i have no idea how they are made.. i wasnt brilliant in science last time =P

HappySurfer said...

Another pair of beauties. They sure look good enough to eat. The top one reminds me of yam cake. haha..
Great job, yet again, Ai Shiang.

eugene said...

Wish i could do that but then again, sourcing for the raw materials will be hard,isnt it?

now you got me interested in this,i shall google it, and see the easiest way to get it done, hahahha

Ai Shiang said...

Everyone thinks that they're cakes :o)

Just combine water and oil with sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide is an alkaline.

Yummmm, I love yum cake. The real and edible ones, of course :o)

The easiest way is to make "melt and pour" soap. They are literally melt then pour.

But they are not that gentle to the skin compare to if you make it from scratch. The melt & pour base may contain alcohol and it is no different to using normal commercial soaps.

Sourcing raw materials are not hard, most just don't know where to look. Having said that, materials might be expensive in Malaysia.