Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sausage Bun

Food photography is a different kind of beast to me.  I reckon it's a hassle to bake, cook and then photograph.  From now, I'll try to snap a photo or two to document the recipes I've attempted, right before I devour them!

When I come across some new recipes/techniques I'd have to try them out just to satisfy my itchy fingers.  Do you do that too?  I ended up making half a dozen of sausage buns using this "blanketing" technique.  Those buns were for my afternoon tea!

For a step by step on how to fold the bun, hop over to My Kitchen Snippets to see how it's done.

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uLi.佑莉 said...

Thanks for sharing...waiting for more post on food and recipe :)

Anonymous said...

Yum yumm...I want one for tea too ;)

I don't bake. I just like to eat. Sometimes, I don't feel like photographing food when I am too hungry.

Pete said...

It is nice to try out new recipes! will check it out!

MKL said...

You snapped a great photo. It's not easy to take photos of food, I'm doing that in Taiwan a lot and some of my pics are really bad. But I usually make many and choose the ok ones.

manglish said...

i agree with MKL, the pic is great but the bun a bit overdone? hahahahha

Tekkaus said...

Normally my wife will do the cooking and I will snap it. :p

claire said...

yes, The Kitchen Snippets is a very good chef!! u r not bad yourself.. so nice yummy sausages u made...

Ai Shiang said...

Hopefully I'll remember to post more yummy food.

Mei teng,
Good point there. Sometime you just dont want the food to get cold and want to dig in immediately. No time to shoot haha!

Take your time browsing.

I think I've to make some improvement in food photography and there will be more to come :o)

Eh! You said that because you can't eat it lah :o). It's actually egg glaze. So, looks rather burnt.

Good for you!

I love her blog very much. Very neat too!

Horsoon said...

Looks like u won't need a photographer when you publish your cookbook eh?

fufu said...

yeah i can always wait until i have taken enough pictures before i eat (though i am hungry or the food has become cold) i need someone to bake me some buns and cakes =p

[SK] said...

when it comes to nice food, i will make sure i take enough photo before i devour them.. guess i'm more into food photography than the food itself.. :p

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Uh...the sausage buns looks like they were over baked. Hahaha

CheaHS@n said...

Thanks for sharing on step by step. Love the various style of folding the dough kinda cute, sorry dont know how to cook or bake but love seeing nice pictures.

No Body said...

look too delicious ai siang.. *thumb up*

i like baking also but i found that i really don't have time and effort for this hobby right now.. taking care of kids is exhausting.. wait til my kids bigger i will cont.. now can admire ppl only.. haha.. *drool~~~~*

Leigh Anne said...

Wow! Amazing- Lovely and delicious!!

Ai Shiang said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm just baking for fun. You know, to satisfy some craving some time.

thanks for visiting. Love you food photo albums.

You never bake before? Those black black ones are because of egg wash lah. The egg wash is usually thin and get burnt up fair quickly.

I love nice pictures too myself :o)

Hui Ming,
Ah! I see, kids keep you occupied and exhuasted huh? They usually turn their parents' lives up-side-down, don't they? hahaha! Like me being a rebellious kid myself, I very well know that. One of the reasons I want to avoid kids.

Leigh Anne,
Thanks for visiting. Freshly baked buns always taste better :o)

Adeline said...

Sausage buns are always a hit at the Malaysian bakery stores! They brought back my childhood memory...
Taking food pictures are always a fun thing to do, except that it's always a challenge to resist the temptation to take the first bite before photo shooting is over :)

Rafael Lam said...

I can't cook, never think about cooking... @_@
I never took pictures of the foods before too,
beacause when everybody want to eat... it's annoying...
but when I start taken some photos after seen some bloggers foods photos,
I know its will be a good memories too! ^.^

Lily Riani said...

you have good photography skill do you know that? OFCOS you know that! right! :D LOVE IT

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Paul said...

The photo looks great, I like the colors... haha. May be a macro or micro lens would be great with food photos ;) As for lazy people like me... I feel so lazy to follow recipes sometimes :D

Ayie said...

Hi ai! can i have some? hehehe

Ai Shiang said...

I love sausage bun very much too :o)

You can't cook? Do you eat out all the time, 3 meals a day? Photographing the food you make yourself will remind you of the expereince you have had either making them alone or with friends.

Lily Riani,
You're too kind. Photographing food sometime is a bit frustrating to me. I'm glad you like this one.

Hello hello. Thanks for dropping by.

I read that 50mm lens is good enough for food photography. There is no need for macro lens. I found a blog full of very pretty food pic. She also uses 50mm f/1.4 lens.

Yes, you can. I can't finish them all by myself :o)

Anonymous said...

An offtopic question about fireworks photography. I read that one needs to pre-focus the lens and switch to manual focus. And then in the same article, the author says to set focus to manual and focus at the distance a which the fireworks will be from you.

I am confused. To focus manually by adjusting the focusing ring or to AF and then switch to MF?

I hope to shoot my first fireworks tomorrow night at the hot air balloon festival here. It can be a hit / miss opportunity.

Ai Shiang said...

Mei Teng,
Aiya! I almost didn't check my emails.

Do these:
1. Turn your camera into "M". It should be on the left side of your camera.

2. Switch the lens to "MF".

3. Now, your camera doesn't know how to focus. You set it all.

4. Turn the lens right to 10mm or 17mm, if that's the widest it can go.

5. Turn the distance to "infinity". It's the other ring on your lens. This is to tell the camera to focus at whatever distance.

6. Set the aperture you want your fireworks taken. Depending on your distance, it is normally between f/10 to f/16. depending also whether you want it to have smoother or rougher strokes.

You are all set to shoot. You will notice that this setting will put you in "bulb" mode. That means the shutter will open and close whenever you press and release it.

Also, if you feel that you need to change from 17mm to say 35mm, you will get blurry images. Best to leave the focus at the widest angle.

Anonymous said...

Ai, thank you for the step-by-step instructions. I have a major question regarding the manual focus and focus on infinity.

Last night, I tested out manual focusing and I turned the smaller ring on my lens to infinity but the view of the object I focused on wasn't sharp. Does this mean I have to step back or something?

Also, if it's just a black sky where the fireworks will be fired off against, how should I manually focus? Maybe I should manually focus on something near where the fireworks will go off and then just leave it that way.

I hope to be able to shoot tonight.

Anonymous said... more question, how long should I keep the shutter open when shooting in bulb mode?

Ai Shiang said...

Mei Teng,
Photographing fireworks is unlike normal photograph. It's counter intuitive. You are not taking details of the fireworks like you take photos of flowers or food or sport. It is only to capture "light" To test it correctly, you can try capture neon lights.

If you set all according to the steps as listed, it should be alright.

"Infinity" means anything far especially fireworks will be clear. Unless you turn the zoom ring up and down.

If you focus something near and then the distance is not "infinity" you will get your fireworks blurry. Remember, you're only allowing lights into the camera.

Take as many as you can before the smoke builds up.

Looking forward to your pretty fireworks to be posted.

Hope this helps. I will be out for the rest of today.

Ai Shiang said...

Start pressing the shutter button when rocket starts from the ground. It normally takes 2 - 3 seconds. If you're using f/16, or f/22, you can leave a bit longer (experiment it), so that you capture several fireworks together, prettier. Good luck. Got to go now! :o) Have a good weekend.

gina said...

The crust looked a bit burnt... but nevertheless appetizing!

You are one heck of a talented woman! Soap, photography.. and now this?

Anonymous said...


A big thank you. Had quite a successful outing last night and got some pretty decent shots....although composition wise, could have been better. Will share more later :)

Faisal Admar said...

i love food photography too! satisfaction haha

Ai Shiang said...

Burnt crust tasted good, yummy! hahaha!
No lah, not talented at all. Just doing all those for fun :o)

Mei Teng,
Glad I can help :)

Faisal Admar,
Thanks for droppying by. Food may look simple, it's quite a tricky subject in photography. I think I need lots of practice.

HappySurfer said...

Impressive pigs in the blanket, Ai Shiang. Good job! Bet they taste great too.

foongpc said...

I just had a sausage bun today! What a coincidence! : )

Anonymous said...

Ai, if I were to change focal length midway (let's say from 17mm to 20mm), I won't need to bother with focusing since I have already set focus on infinity right?

Ai Shiang said...

Happy Surfer,
They taste good with the sausages :o)

Sausage bun must be popular huh?

Mei Teng,
Logically it should be ok. But I did change the focal length once and they did come out blur. Im yet to find out what is the logic behind narrowing the focal length tat didn't work with infinity. I could be wrong, as it was quite long time ago. You can give it a try, perhaps prove me wrong :o)

kenwooi said...

looking really delicious.. can have them more breakfast.. or tea break =)