Friday, March 26, 2010

Shrinking Products

I know eating junk food isn't a good habit.  It's alright when you don't consume them often - my comforting excuse.  It's usually in the evening when I'm feeling happy, I'd just take a short stroll to the supermarket and grap a packet of chips.  That's the potato chips, not the french fries. 

I like the thinly cut ones - just like Pringles.  They were usually A$2.99 for a 200 gram packet (I prefer Smith's and Grain Wave).  That other day when I got hold of one, it felt a bit smaller.  It was printed 175 gram, yet it still cost A$2.99!

At the freezer room section, a tub of 2 litre ice-cream was usually $5.  They've shrunk too and became mostly in the 1.8 litre range.  Well, how come the price did not shrink?

All of a sudden, that happy "junk food moments" drew back a little.  I'm grumbling about lesser chips to munch.

The producers of these products state that they reduce the amount so that they're healthier.  Hello!  Junk food isn't supposed to be healthy, duh! 

Corporations, don't they make silly statements?

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Horsoon said...

This reminds me of politicians, who make silly statements all the time and refuse to believe that most people don't think they are intelligent at all :)

Anonymous said...

Nice blog layout! :)

It's the same here...everytime petrol price goes up, people hike up prices of food etc. When petrol price drops, I don't see them revising their prices downwards.

Lily Riani said...

i tot i was at wrong blog....eheheh

same goes over here.. everything else shrunk except the price....conned

MKL said...

They try to jump on the "healthy food" bandwagon. Even, if junk food is not healthy, they will find a way to advertise it as such by changing some minor things, like shrinking the size.

MKL said...

And btw, great layout. Many people changed theirs lately and choose the pleasant white background. I love it :)

Superman said...

Haha. That's the way they do business and make money. Junk food is not good but I still eat it. Can't help. I like Lay's.

Ai Shiang said...

Oh yes, talking about politicians, I couldn't agree more!

Mei Teng,
Ah! Thanks. Blogger has new templates that I can customise the width easily, which I like. I've been looking for that for ages.

How aweful! Going up never down (7-UP huh?) I am surprised that prices do go down accordingly here. But not for everything.

Lily Riani,
Haha! No, you're not at the wrong blog.

Oh yes MKL, you can change your blog layout with ease now by signing into "Blogger in Draft".

Join the "junk food club"! I love them too. But don't eat them too often :o) Can put on weight easily.

Anonymous said...

After seeing your new blog layout, I am thinking of changing mine too. Haha..itchy fingers. If I change and don't like it...can I still revert to my old layout? A friend set up the layout for me so I don't know how to change my blog layout.

Tekkaus said...

In the end what they really want is profits. :D

Pete said...

just bought 2 packs of Twisties yesterday....know it is not healthy...but then long time didn't eat already. LOL!

Bananazക said...

Reduce the amount so that they're healthier? They said that? What a joke haha. If this marketing director resigns and join a cigarette company and apply the same marketing strategy to come out with only 2cm long fag using the same excuse "for health reason smoke lesser". That would be Cool..tQ

Bananazക said...

Nice template is the background picture some kind of water thingy? tQ

Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical...................................................

Ai Shiang said...

Mei teng,
If you sign in at you can view the layout before you click "apply to blog" button. If you don't like it, don't click on button. It will overwrite your current layout.

If you want your old layout back, you'll need to have saved a copy of the HTML file.

Absolutely right. Nothing but profits.

Fair enough hahaha!

You have a good example there! And yes, that background is a water splash. You can get it in blogger, you know?

Hello there! Sorry, I can't type Chinese,
Thanks for dropping by :o)

Bananazക said...

Ai Shiang don't mind me 'kaypo' before this person (sorry can't read Chinese) replies you. What you can do is copy [仲亨 said...] the whole and paste on your comment box and delete [said...] after that. That's how I normally do when I do my reply no need to type all their names. Hope this help you in future. :)

manglish said...

hey nice am a junk foodie oso, i stock up my room with of course anything which is below 100yen hahahah including chips, made in japan, and you will surprised they are very generous with their potato chips it is more than the usual more expensive brand...:) the rest of the brands are just packed with air

Ai Shiang said...

Oh thanks. I did try the first time. But it must be the way I highlighted it that the cursor didn't like it (the hand appear instead of cursor). I tred again, it worked. Terima kasih :o)

I love Japanese crackers, keropok etc. They are so damn tasty and also so damn expensive here haha!

HappySurfer said...

Over here, either the price increases for the bowl of noodles or the amount is less for the same price. Same difference, eh?

It's not easy to give up on life's little pleasures, isn't it? Chips included. LOL!

Love your new template, Ai Shiang. Great illusion for this hot Malaysian weather. haha..

fufu said...

i love pringles... hohoho i have so many snacks in my room... =p

Ayie said...

new layout!!

yes everything's shrinking but prices are rising still

Shingo T said...

Chips are evil. French fries are evil. Vegetables have preservatives. White rice are high glycermic.

I can't eat anything these days. =(