Thursday, June 3, 2010

Very Hot Singapore

Thank you all for commenting on my last post.  I went back to Malaysia just to renew passport.  My first stop is always in Singapore.  We consider Singapore a good place to shop and eat.  The highlight was the curry puffs at Old Chang Kee They're the best I've ever tasted.  I just can't stop praising their handmade pastry.

Our biggest spend was on photography accessory .  Our best buys were eyewears and sportshoes.  These are just too expensive in Australia.  What is priced in Sydney, it costs just 50% lesser in Singapore.  How do you justify that?

The above photo was taken in Marina Square area over looking Raffles City.

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manglish said...

very nice pic and i totally agree abt the old chang kee..haaah how was the trip home?

Anonymous said...

I still think food's still the best over here ;)

What photographic accessories did you purchase? Paying 50% less is definitely worth buying.

Lily Riani said...

i always love ur pic style ehnce am curious what photgraphy stuff u bought and what cam brand u use...ehehheh... me planning on dslr.

uLi.佑莉 said...

Very very nice shot ;) Love it!! I am heading to S'pore too in Oct'10 ;D

Tekkaus said...

Malaysia is worth ler. :

Wow...super damn gorgeous photo.

lechua said...

awesome night city shot! how did u find malaysia after awhile? spore definitely has quite alot of new upcoming developments with the casinos and all

Rafael Lam said...

Hi! Welcome back!
Have a long time didn't see your new post, I totally agree with you that shopping in Australia is expenvise... I still remember everything are pricey...
Btw, you got a very nice sunset shot in Singapore!

gina said...

Seriously good shot, Ai Shiang!

You can get Old Chang Kee in One Utama now - LG floor, situated in between the old and new wing. Also, there is quite a good karipap selling at Ikea! No joke. I just had it two days ago - it's less oily and cheaper too.

Ai Shiang said...

The trip I can describe as hot and boring hahaha! Especially when no fast internet connection.

Mei Teng, Lily Riani,
I should have used plural. Bought a carbon fibre tripod and markin's ballhead. Now have to think of how to get rid of the old one.

Hope you'll have fun there.

Tekkaus, Rafael,
Thank you. Glad you like the shot.

After a while? Msia is still the same but like you said, Singapore changes all the time.

I did wonder why their karipap isn't oily. They've done wander to the karipap! :o) I'll keep that in mind next time if I visit KL.

Bananazஇ said...

Wowie awesome shot of a few combination of sunset, clouds, buildings, greens all in one. Lovely..tQ.

HappySurfer said...

Sounds like you had fun, Ai Shiang. That's a nice shot. A color-fusion of sorts. Welcome back! Peace for another five years at least, eh?

foongpc said...

Martha Stewart recently went to Singapore too and she also said it's very hot! Haha!

As for the food, I think Malaysia have better food, do you agree? : )

Shingo T said...

Hey Ai Shiang!

Never knew that things are "cheap" in Singapore. I think it's Australia that's expensive. =p

Singapore night gets really warm these days. Hope it's not a permanent feature.

Or wait, are you talking about the yummy yum yum babes here in Singapore? Yup, those are sizzling!

Ai Shiang said...

Haha! Glad that you love it. By the way, that symbol of yours is getting sophisticated huh? :o)

Oh yeah, we had fun in the sun, you bet. It was so hot that we sweat profusely, but I like to say it was like "waterfall" haha! I bought a tiny towel with us 'cos the tissue papers just wouldn't help at all.

I think they each have different tastes.

I guess you're right. Aussie stuffs are dear.

I thought Singapore is always that hot. No?

Babes? They all look the same leh :o). But the shop fronts are more interesting than babes we reckon.

Anonymous said...

you always know the right thing to say!............................................................

Ayie said...

you're back!

thanks for this post, it reminded me too to check our passports

stunning shot Ai!

happy weekend

Horsoon said...

I just love your HDR shots! Gonna bug u for tips ;)

Paul said...

Great picture. I really like Singapore too... somehow Singapore feels close flying from Kuching :)

Ai Shiang said...

Yes I am back :o). Well, I sure hope yours aren't expired yet. I bet you can renew it in the States, right?

HDR is quite easy. A bit of trial and error and you'll be smiling. No problem, just knock knock if you need tips :o).

Yes, these days it's even easier. Tiger airways and airasia fly there too.

Arti said...

Beautiful pic of Singapore... 50 per cent less definitely seems to be a nice bet...