Monday, July 12, 2010


Macaroon is a french word that means almond cookie.  What's so interesting about Macarons?  It is made simply from egg whites, almond meal and icing sugar.  No wheat flour involves and that's why it tastes nothing like any other cookies.

Every food blog I go I see people making macarons.  Some blogs would only talk about macarons.  The other day I was hunting for some almond meal at a health food store, the shop assistant asked what I needed it for.  She was making some macarons few days ago too, said she.

I always thought that macarons must be some sort of over-rated cookies that are being sold at french patisserie.

After that first bite;  It was seriously, freakin' damn good!!  No wonder people get hooked and obsessed about macarons.  They don't come cheap either.  It's $2 each.  The most expensive one is A$10 each cookie - made with black truffle.  If you want to get a man to love baking, it has to be making macarons. Our first attempt was a success!

I got my recipe from Tartelette and the must do steps from Poh's Kitchen

Have you tasted Macarons before?  If you see one, you seriously have to try it.

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Paul said...

Kind of reminds me of a burger... yum yum... but I need to go on diet... sigh :D

Anonymous said...

Can you mail me these goodies? :)

I have never tasted one before. I am very keen to try one but somehow, none of the bakeries near my place have them. I must make my sis bake some soon.

These goodies are quite versatile as you can put almost any cream of choice as a filling.

Anonymous said...

I am attracted to these cookies because they come in so many colours and fillings. I did a google search on these gems lately and they were so many sites dedicated to them.

manglish said...

waaa u made them sound like heaven haahahahhah how's life?

reanaclaire said...

wow..since it is so expensive, might as well bake them yourself.. :p

uLi.佑莉 said...

$2 each >.<

But I still think it's abit too sweet for me la :P

HappySurfer said...

With black truffle would be heavenly! So, did you start off your man to love baking with this specialty? :p

Though I don't bake, thanks for sharing the recipe and the must do steps. Could pass them on..

Tekkaus said...

What? $A10 each? Goodness...for such a small piece of thing. :/

Ai Shiang said...

Haha! A few cookies would be ok I bet.

Mei Teng,
Macarons need to be frozen if they're to be kept for more than days. They cannot be kept in normal room temperature like other cookies. It's a bit hard to even send to friends. Should get your sis to bake. Make sure you ask her to age the egg white 24 to 48 hours. Macaroon is a bit troublesome to make but the trouble is worth it. Not only the fillings are endless, but its the texture of the shells that make all the difference.

They do taste out of this world Manglish. I'm quite picky, so when I mention it's good, it got to be good :o). Life has been quite busy for me, which is good.

What you see in the pic are what we baked.

I thought I dislike sweet stuff but I am a changed person now :).

Haha! Sure did. Unfortunately, he still only will make macaroon and not other cookies. Very picky indeed!

This small piece of "thing" doesn't taste like any ordinary cookie :o). $10 because it's black truffle. French pastry is always expensive but taste heavenly.

Horsoon said...

Your shot makes it even tastier :)

Lily Riani said...

i saw it in spore (am sure there are plenty in msia too), been meaning to try but hvnt had a chance... is it nice?

James said...

I ate way too many of them when I was in Paris last year and I still can't imagine eating another one. As with most things moderation is best. :)

Bananazஇ said...

Do you drink them or bite em? haha.. Nope have not heard of macarons, Bananaz loves almond so most likely should like the cookie too. Wowie A$2 each ah..

Shingo T said...

Looks like mini hamburgers. Do they come with fries and Coke? =p

My Wifey's baking cake and muffin recently, she should be coming to this soon.

Ai Shiang said...

Thanks :)

Lily Riani, ShingoT,
Yes, they do have macarons in singapore. I think it's just S$1 each. I have never bought from Singapore though. ShingoT, should be interesting when your wife makes them. there are couple of simple science from aging the egg white to creating "feet".

Haha! Got carried away huh?

Munch them, definitely :o). A$2 seems cheap. Just came across another patisserie selling them for A$2.50. French pastries are always expensive.

Rafael Lam said...

I've seen these macarons in uLi blog,
really want to try it!

gina said...

Hey..had a bit of problem commenting yesterday!

Anyway, the macarons make my mouth water! I wanna get some soon!

Ben said...

Wow! Looking cute and fabulous in the sparkling glass... Macarons are now in my hunting list when I rooming for exotic foods ;)

fufu said...

i have never tried macarons seriously .... would like to have a bite =p

Ai Shiang said...

Should give it a try :).

Do they sell them in Kuala Lumpur too? I wonder how much they are.

go for it! :o)

I'm sure they can be found in Europe. Its origin is France.

Wenny Yap said...

I think I've tasted them before but too bad ... no more for me. I've to be off sugary stuffs nowadays.

Ayie said...

hi AI!

now you're making me want to have a bite of that macarons!

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

foongpc said...

I want to have some macaroons! Btw, is it macaron or macaroon?

I like the idea of no wheat flour in the macaron : )

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Did they purposely put them in the glass?

HappySurfer said...

psst.. still busy making macarons? :p

Ai Shiang said...

LOL! So funny :o). I was just telling my hubby that I'm breaking record for not updating my blog for so long. Busy with biz but hopefully I'll try to get some posts posted. Thanks for dropping by.

HappySurfer said...

Oh no, don't mean to apply pressure. Of course biz is more important. Is it your solo effort? Best wishes!

PFx said...

Totally true about the over-rated. It is good but seriously!?! Do you think that macaron is better than a classic choc chip cookie?

Love your observations about almond meal in some hippie-beloved health stores.

Everything about it spells... pretentious. Pretty pretty pretty. :)

Shingo T said...

Hey Ai Shiang,
sorry, wanted to email you a reply based on your comments on my blog, but couldn't find it anywhere.

Anyway, Taiwan is definitely more fun than Singapore. Food, scenery and culture are better found in Taiwan. Unless you wnat to go casino, then that's different. Haha!

Have a great day ahead, and looking fwd to your next post (and when might that be?). ^_^

vialentino said...

yeah...tasted macaron before...very nice and soft...

J.C. said...

I had my first taste of macaroons 2weeks ago during my sister's wedding. It's too sweet for my liking. I still prefer cookies.

Ai Shiang said...

Macaroon doesn't have wheat flour to hold its shape so by using lots of sugar, it stabilises the macaroon's end product/appearance.