Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Bike Bike

What do you get when you stake those big and small bikes together?

This giant penny farthing is a sculpture made from pre-loved bicycles and it stands at 12 metre-tall in Martin Place, Sydney CBD.  This piece of art draws attention to current trends towards bicycle commuting and celebrates the fact now that Australia sells more bicycles than cars.

The Bike Bike challenges all of us to think about building greener cities and a major component towards the city's plan on building Sustainable Sydney 2030.  The Government even reserving part of the roads as bicycle lanes.

I used to cycle to school during my primary years and that was about it.  I had two mild accidents along the way.  Do you cycle to work?

The Bike Bike sculpture by Alasdair Nicol.

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hcpen said...

hey aishiang,
been a long time...
how've you been? hou bo?

Tekkaus said...

That's a very creative and unique masterpiece. Nope...I have never ever cycled to school. What a shame! :(

Autumn Belle @ KDP said...

This is a real piece of art. What a great idea to display those bikes like a bike! In UTAR, Kampar campus, many students have to ride a bike because the buses are very few and too crowded.

Ben said...

pretty creative masterpiece! I like the intrinsic message of the artwork... it is good to be back to basic for sustainable future :)

[SK] said...

wow, that's a very impressive sculpture using bicycles!! hmmm, i really rarely cycle, only within a small compound and never on the main road with cars~~ :p

Rafael Lam said...

Very interesting bikes sculpture!
Nice to hear something about Sydney too!

Lily Riani said...

i am sooooo going to this place next yr when i visit OZ

HappySurfer said...

Awesome artwork. I wish we have bicycle lanes here because it's unsafe cycling on the mainroad here. A friend's son was killed cycling being hit by an irresponsible 18-year-old who had no license to drive. So sad. And another friend had to protect his children cycling by following them behind in a car.

Ai Shiang said...

I'm not bad. Thanks for asking. How about yourself? Any interesting activities for you in Sydney?

How do you commute to school then? By Bas Sekolah?

Autumn Belle,
Talking about infrequent public transport huh? I think riding a bicycle you have more control of the time. Not missing lecture is important :)

I like the back to basic concept too. But it must not be too much otherwise it feels like we're going backwards :)

If there is no bicycle lanes, cycling can be scary.

I think it's interesting sometime that Sydneysiders' artists put up interesting stuff on the streets.

Lily Riani,
To see the most of Sydney, make sure you check the event calenders.

It is very dangerous if not for bicycle lanes. There're accidents definitely. The government is encouraging people to cycle. (perhaps want to copy what europe is doing) So, the roads have become slightly smaller for cars after bike lanes appear.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea. Love the sculpture! :)

Adeline said...

Very impressive! I ride bicycle to work during the warmer months (spring, summer, and fall), about 15 km each day. I really enjoy it! Fredericton has nice walking/biking trails, but not many lanes reserved for cyclists on the road. For safety reason, I'd rather ride my bike on the sidewalks sometimes, even though it's not entirely legal :P

Ai Shiang said...

Mei Teng,
The sculpture sure is attracting attention :)

15km each day sure is a good exercise. If the roads are wide enough I guess it's still ok to cycle. In sydney, all existing roads are very narrow. A lane is just enough for 1 car-width, anything extra (bike) would spell trouble.

Wenny Yap said...

It's a fantastic artwork. Really creative.

I used to cycle to school during my secondary days and I can still the fun.

Bananazஇ said...

Nice 50sen & 10sen creation..yes love to cycle to school but never the chance to work. How nice to have bicycle lanes and the gomen promoting healthy lifestyle. tQ

Horsoon said...

I love bikes!

And I just love this post; and I wish I could be in Sydney to look (and take some pics) at these myself :)

fufu said...

wow damn so nice... round round the world by bicycle!!! my ex-host used to travel around latin america by his mountain bike!!!

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

HeLLo ai Shiang,

That is such a fine work of art dedicated to cycling. But I wonder whether they will rust soon?

The aim to be a greener country is ideal in most part of cold country. Not only cycling promotes environmental health, it also creates a healthy society. However, the question that I always ask myself, will we be able to cycle in Malaysia? Such a hot and wet country? Something to ponder huh?

Alright then, have a nice day Ai Shiang.

Ai Shiang said...

Wenny Yap,
It is not only fun to cycle to school, but we're in control of the time of travel too. Unlike those buses huh?

Bananazஇ, Willie,
Those bicycles are all already rusty. They're those that had been thrown away. Cycle does promote healthy lifestyle. Less cars mean less pollution too. I came to realise that it is overall hard to enjoy outdoors in Malaysia, whether walking, running, or even cycling.

This sculpture is on display for 1 month only.

I always wonder how the experience would be like to travel by bicycle :o)

Shingo T said...

Over here in Singapore, cycling on the road is dangerous because of the impatient drivers.

And I read somewhere that cycling on pavements is also illegal because it's for pedestrians.

Singapore's a long way to be bicycle-friendly country.

On a side note, love the ferris wheel made of bicycles. ^_^

Ai Shiang said...

It is hard to have asia countries to be bicycle-friendly. THey like big cars much more, don't they? Plus the weather is a killer :o)

Ayie said...

That's so cool Ai! Great sculpture, great mind behind it!

lechua said...

pretty neat sculpture!! and i did happen to have 2 cycling accidents on the 2 times i went cycling on holiday.. think i can only ride on my own bike