Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bondi Beach to Tamarama Bay Coastal Walk

This is Sydney's iconic Bondi Beach to Tamarama Bay coastal walk.  The route is about 2.5km (one-way).  

It is located about 8km away from where I live.  This is my first visit because of an exhibition.  When there is an event it is usually not advisable to drive as parking is impossible.  I took the bus yet for such a short distance it jammed all the way to Bondi Beach. 

What a beautiful day and a fantastic sight, seeing those enthusiastic surfers surfing in the clear blue water.  The coastal walk was pretty crowded as artists from all over the world came to display their artworks and sculptures.  

When was the last time you hit the beach?

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Lily Riani said...

HDR! WOW! OK, am keeping tab of places i mus visit i got there next yr

HappySurfer said...

What fun! These art exhibitions occur pretty often, don't they? I once saw one on tv and thought that was awesome.

fufu said...

wow wow wow.... stunning :) wanna visit this beach...but well had not time actually >< gotta go back but aussie $ is so high now

Anonymous said...

What a scenic view of the beach! :) Makes me wanna hit the beach...over there that is.

Last time I visited a beach was in Bali. Didn't like Kuta at all. Reminded me so much of Phuket. I prefer Jimbaran Bay and Lovina Beach.

Ai Shiang said...

Lily Riani,
you should check out the event calendar for Sydney so that you won't miss any events/celebrations.

Oh? They were on TV too? It's an annual exhibition. It was fun, but the wind was a bit too annoying on my way back.

Yes, AUD reaches parity with USD. Good time to spend AUD but export for the country will be in trouble in long term.

Mei Teng,
You seem to be enjoying yourself lately at those beaches :)

Autumn Belle @ KDP said...

Your pictures today has some fantasy and magic in it. Bondi Beach sounds like a romantic name.

Shingo T said...

I mwas actually contemplating about visiting the coasts in Australia. But both me and my Wifey aren't drivers.

I love the pictures. The sky is bright blue, not photo effects, right? It's pretty!

Ai Shiang said...

Autumn Belle,
That's a lovely compliment.Thank you. Bondi Beach is certainly iconic.

Because of digital world these days, being a purist in photography certainly won't get you a dramatic photo like what your eyes can literally see in the actual world. My photos are all HDR, that stands for High Dynamic Range. I process them with the help of lightness and darkness. I cannot live without it! :o)

I don't like to drive when I'm on holidays. You can join tour like AAT Kings ( THey specialise in Australia and NZ. Their tours are hassle-free, include transport, accommodation and may include meals as well. Do take a look. I do prefer caucasian tour company/operator to Asians one, bias am I not? :o)

renaye said...

nice photos!!! and it's amazing to see so many people hitting the beach! and u r so lucky to be there!

RYC: sorry for the late reply. yes. life is unfair at times. and sometimes it makes me wonder what kind of karma i'm having. and what lesson i can learn from this hardship...

Horsoon said...

I love the beach, but most the 'city beaches' here are dirty and not as conducive for anything as 'arty'. Love your shots!

Ayie said...

We missed the beach this year but we'll be enjoying it once we go back home for a visit.

great shots Ai!

foongpc said...

Wow! Your photos are amazing! Love them : )

gina said...

Wish I could just go there during my last trip in 2008. We just pass by Bondi beach for awhile, didn't walk on the sand even!

Ai Shiang said...

those local who live near the beach go there often, part of their lifestyles.

They don't maintain their beaches in KL, do they?

Ayie, Foongpc
Thanks for the compliment.

That's sayang. This coastal walk is located just after Bondi beach. Marvellous view!