Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tyrannosaurus Era

A replica of Minmi paravertebra
It's spring/summer clean up time.  We decided to sell some old stuff and managed to get rid of 1 mini tripod, 1 Benro tripod and 1 compact Canon camera.  The sale person said that a 6 megapixels compact camera was a t-rex model.  Too old, he commented.

"Duh!" that's why we wanted to get rid of it.

Right after uni, I tried to sell my laptop which I owned for about 3 to 4 years.  Unfortunately, it was labelled as "t-rex model" too.  I tossed it away.  It was a total "write-off".  These days technologies are considered out of date after 3 years, old but not 67 millions years older than the T-rex.

Do you keep all your old stuff and hardly toss them away?

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willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Uh...you go your stuff? I have been trying to let go some, but it's so difficult especially when the stuff is a t-rex model. HAhahah!

reanaclaire said...

keep them.. they might become antiques one day... :)

James said...

I have a problem with keeping too many photos and they take up too much space on my computer. :)

Autumn Belle @ KDP said...

We have many recycling centres here that collects old stuff. They accept old computers and furniture. I keep all letters and gifts from loved ones for sentimental reasons.

fufu said...

i always keep whatever i think is good to provide/recap my old days when i am getting old...

HappySurfer said...

It takes a lot of willpower to discard old and unused stuff before they become clutter.

That's an awesome picture. Taken in a museum?

Ai Shiang said...

If no ones want it I usually just throw it away.

Haha! I'm not an antique person.

Oh yeah, photos are another trouble. I do discard them when I am not happy with some of them.

Autumn Belle,
I do recycle especially for clothing and accessories. There are shops that would pay to take your old electrical goods.

Old? That's still a long way for you, isn't it?

Back home, the old folk like to keep everything that is broken. Sometime I feel like "curi-curi" throw them away but I'd be in trouble if I do that :o).
I realise that when you don't use certain stuff you'll never use them again, might as well just close the eyes and toss them. Once you do that often, it gets easier next time. No sentimental attach.
Yes, picture was taken in museum.

Shingo T said...

My rule of thumb is this - if I can forget the existence of something inside my storeroom for more than a year, that means I probably don't need it.

Generally not emotionally attached to non-living things, except for photos.

Bananazஇ said...

Always have this problematic thought 'I may need it one day' and that one day became years and then decades...haha.

Anonymous said...

Techie stuff tend to get obsolete fast! Phones, cameras etc....

Ai Shiang said...

There are many things that we don't need in life except for the basic isn't it?

Bananazஇ, Mei Teng,
I know what you mean. These days, besides old pots and pans all other electronic goods are not worth keeping. Those people who develop electronic goods are so cruel, they start to release goods at a few megapixels at a time. Making older electronic goods obsolete when the pixels do not match up with the current trend.

dblchin (double chin) said...

i got a scare when i click onto ur blog link! The dino seems to slapped right into my computer screen!

anyways yes I keep all my old stuff n my parents are begging my to throw them away! haha~

Ayie said...

I keep those which are good to keep, I don't throw much stuffs away.

Ai, can you email me your mailing address?

foongpc said...

I do keep my old stuffs for nostalgia sake, but lately, I had to throw some away to prevent my home from turning into a dump! LOL!

Horsoon said...

If I have something as cool as your T-rex shot then it's definately a keeper! I keep my first Nikon FE, a 1st generation Toshiba laptop and some other gadgets dearly :)

Paul said...

Hmmm... I do have a bad habit of keeping old electronics... gonna need to do some clean up... hahaha :)