Friday, December 24, 2010


Sydney Town Hall - Interior

In the early 1800s when a town was still small and manageable, people came and gathered for all sort of meetings and updates.  I don't think Sydney Town Hall is used in such a way anymore.  It is now rewired and a sort after venue for all sort of functions, community celebrations and corporate events.  That means, it is for hire.  They did a good job preserving the building over such a long time, don't you think? 

These days people get updates through emails (you even email the person who sits beside you, don't you?).  Time and technologies sure change our way of communications.

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Lily Riani said...

wow... nice capture. i should tell my boss to do a company event here. ehhehhe.... am sure it will look grand.

HappySurfer said...

Very nice interior. Thanks for sharing. Is this a tourist attraction? How old is it? How does it look like on the outside, I wonder.

Tekkaus said...

From your photo the place look magnificent. Why huh? Your camera is too good. :p

Ai Shiang said...

You have company event overseas?

You can do a search on my blog by typing in "Christmas Light Projections". That's the exterior of Sydney Town Hall. Or it is posted sometime in December 2009. This building was built in 1880.

Not my camera. It's my skills hahaha!

HappySurfer said...

Thanks! Have revisited post. Is it just as colourful this year? Somehow, it reminds me of that famous photographed-to-death fort wall in Macau. Oops!

Bananazஇ said...

Wow built in 1880 and standing tall rock solid as compared to modern technology. Nice awesome interior. tQ Merry Xmas.

MKL said...

This is a very impressive building. Looks like a cultural hall we have in my home town in Maribor. It also reminds me of the CKS Memorial Hall in Taipei, especially the ceiling. Of course that hall is much much bigger.

Happy holidays, Ai Shiang

foongpc said...

Wow! I love the interior of the Sydney Town Hall!

Btw, Merry Xmas!! : )

Anonymous said...

I am always inspired at seeing how others have great conservation ideas. While sadly, others go around tearing down every nook and cranny in the name of modern development.

The Fremantle Prison has been conserved as a museum as well as a venue for hire (functions like parties etc).

Shingo T said...

Magnificient piece of conservation work, Ai Shiang.

I don't get to see much of Australia pics, seeing the world through your eyes!

Ai Shiang said...

Festive decorations are not as dynamic as Singapore. It would be nice to see something new.

If buildings are preserved I'm sure they can hold up for a very long time.

Europe definitely has lots of marvellous buildings (even from medieval time)! Happy holidays!

Something different from modern structures.

Mei Teng,
Modern development is just too square isn't it?

Sometime things appear different through lenses :) Hope you like them.

Ayie said...

technology plays a big part with my communications to my family on the other side of the world!

Thanks AI for the cute card!!

Merry Christmas!

Ai Shiang said...

Glad that you've got it. It didn't look quite tidy because that silly "pedeo" (the one in gold) got stuck and wouldn't work properly.

Anonymous said...

That looks like the inside of a church/old building somewhere in Europe.

Horsoon said...

This is an awesome shot of a magnificient building!

Thanks for the technology, I get to enjoy all these wonderful pics of yours, and most importantly, get to know u :)

Anonymous said...

I hope to be able to photograph fireworks display tonite. Just got a you shoot fireworks your lens hood on? I suppose it isn't necessary since it's dark and night time.

Ai Shiang said...

The Envoy,
The interior isn't as grand as those churches in Europe.

Technology sure makes communication easier.

Mei Teng,
I don't think the lens hood make any difference to the final product. I believe it is for protection rather than blocking glare. Have tested it before and I don't see any significant difference. Good luck with the firework shoot! I'm gonna pass fireworks as I think I've done enough on this subject.

Rafael Lam said...

Happy New Year!! ^.^

gina said...

Simply beautiful! Am sure many people would like to get married in it!

Happy new year 2011!