Thursday, January 6, 2011

Adaptable Migrant

This piece of sculpture is called Adaptable Migrant.
There were merely 170,000 population back in 1868.  When gold was discovered.  The Chinese were the first to appear.  Almost 50,000 Chinese arrived in Australia to try their luck.  They were not welcomed by the local Australians and miners.  

In 1901, the "Immigration Restriction Act" (White Australia Policy) were formed.  This was when Europeans, Americans and Canadians made their great ocean crossing to become Australians.

Today, 142 years later, Australia has approximately 22 millions populations (as of 26 Nov 2010).

I'm a migrant myself, in both Malaysia and Australia.  Are you a migrant too?

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Wenny Yap said...

After almost 54 years, I'm still considered a migrant here in my own country. Born and bred on this land and yet my birthrights as a citizen has been marginalised!

HappySurfer said...

All of us here, if we are not orang asli, are migrants or rather have grandparents who came from somewhere else. Ironically, not everyone admits to that!

Interesting that Australia has a population even lesser than this country which is a lot smaller in size.

Very nice image of the Adaptable Migrant. You captured the moment very well, with people standing around it like time stood still.

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Nice Sculpture AiShiang. I like the blue sky too.

Lily Riani said...

me 2nd gen indon in malaysia

Bananazஇ said...

Bananaz papa Tong Shan mali no speeek Engrish we too migraine here you also migraine. But you pain pain got two migraine very cham have to swallow double pills. When Bananaz in Australia the angmoh called us Chinny Chin Chin & make slanting eyes.

Bananazஇ said...

The last pix you had a horse and the smoke thingy in th esky this time around no marriage proposal? haha.

Anonymous said...

I agree that generally, most people are migrants unless they are natives of that country.

Paul said...

Everyone is a citizen of planet earth :)

Ayie said...

I am a migrant too and good thing I was able to adapt easily here.

Ai Shiang said...

We all are being considered as migrants.

I believe opportunity is equal. Migrants are threated with limited rights, perhaps the natives are afraid we are too hard working! Haha! Geographically aussie does have more land size but most people choose to live along the east coast area. Malaysia is more populated per land size.

Sunny day it was!

Lily Riani,
Which part of Indon?

Double pills? Haha! Not so "cham" lah.

Mei Teng, Ayie,
Don't we all adapt :)

We are but these days passports count for something, don't they?

Shingo T said...

I'm a migrant here in Singapore. I love both Malaysia and Singapore so much, I already consider myself a Sing-Malaysian.

gina said...

Born and bred in Malaysia, yet treated as 3rd generation of Fujian in Malaysia. My grandmother was born here, so is my mother.

Horsoon said...

For some strange reasons, I always feel that I'm a migrant here in my own country...

(Love the way you treat your pics!)