Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ka Boom

Diprotodon or giant wombat, extincted just 40,000 years ago.

Somewhat 13.7 billion years ago,
The universe was hot and expanding,
Ka boom!
Evolution unveiled this magnificent land,
Reptiles emerged from water*,
Mammals eaten by hunters,
Hunter gatherers (we) build shelters,
Knowledge becomes power,
Everything started with that big bang.

*Fish evolved into amphibians, amphibians evolved into reptiles.

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Tekkaus said...

I can foresee that we are heading to that big bang again... :(

Lily Riani said...

sooo scary... i hv touch wombat got to see one in OZ

Ben said...

the wombat looking fierce & cool!!! It is an exhibit in a museum?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if I have seen a live wombat before...but maybe I did but somehow couldn't recall what it looked like.

That's one giant wombat! :)

Horsoon said...

Looking at the extreme weather changes lately, if we are not careful, it's going to be another "Ka boom!" and we may just be going back to "Day 1" ;)

Have to say it again, I love the way you treat your pics!

Happy CNY!

gina said...

That is one scary looking giant wombat!

Gong xi fa cai!

Bananazஇ said...

Ka Boom wombat looked like cousin of 兔tù. Looking 兔tù-wards 兔tù-day 兔tù-morrow and 兔tù-getherness forever.
兔tù-begin with good health & wealth
Wishing You A Hopping, Happy & Prosperous Rabbit 兔tù Year
恭喜发财 GongXiFaCai

Ai Shiang said...

Yeah, if the universe is still expanding.

Lily Riani,
Have a good trip. I hope your trip is a bit later in the year as now it's so hot. Most part is around 42C and Sydney is 37C.

It's not a special exhibit. I suppose those creatures are there permanently.

Mei Teng,
It sure is huge. It's taller than an ordinary man.

Day 1 might sound good in some way. But perhaps it might not be populated by human anymore.

恭喜发财 GongXiFaCai!


HappySurfer said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Ai Shiang. Hope you've had a great celebration.

My, it does look fierce! Probably safer for us that it's no longer around if it was taller than an ordinary man and looking so ferocious. But come to think of it, if we continue to abuse the environment, we'd probably end up with a lot of other extinct animals in the near future.