Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sea Cells

I realised I haven't updated by blog for quite a while.  Been tied up with stuffs as usual.  Here's one taken a while back.

Summertime, the blue water swells,
The fish are jumping to greet and farewell,
We all admire the aquatic life very well,
In fact, these are not real sea shells,
They are merely look alike marine life minus the water,
Simply made from thread and dryer lint.

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Shingo T said...

Hey there, Ai Shiang!

Presumed this is a picture from Australia? Part of the Great Ocean Road?

HappySurfer said...

Interesting. Is this part of the art scene along the coast or just some debris washed ashore?

Anonymous said...

The shells are works of art? Sculptures by the sea collection? Nice.

foongpc said...

Sea shells or sea cells? But they look nice! : )

Ai Shiang said...

It's taken in Sydney, Bondi Beach. Not the Great Ocean Road, I've not been there yet :o)

It's part of the Sculptures by the Sea exhibition.

You got it right. It's the Sculptures by the Sea collection. Good memory :o)

The artist named it Sea Cells rather than Sea Shells.

Ben said...

Guess you take the brave steps climbing down the rock to take the shoot :) The painted sea shells look beautiful and big...I'm curios they look big because of the close-up shoot or they are indeed big?

Tekkaus said...

What are those? Sea cells? Someone actually painted them? Or those are naturally occurring stones? :p

Ai Shiang said...

Ben, Tekkaus,
They are not painted though. They are made from thread and dryer lint, I'm guessing inside is cotton. They are soft to touch and quite big, at least bigger than my face LOL!

Bananazஇ said...

Artistic man made 'sea shells' at Bondi Beach. Nice..tQ

Rafael Lam said...

Sea and blue sky are always beautiful!
I need to update more in my blog too...

Lily Riani said...

after 1 month quiet period from blogging, i still amaze at your pics as usual.

Ayie said...

same here AI, I haven't been around. Too busy with my little boy.

How are you?

Ai Shiang said...

It feels like you're wandering under the sea bed.

A bit of colours around the rocks make thing more interesting too.

Haha! Thanks heaps!

I trust your boy is definitely keeping you occupied :o). I'm busy with work the usual.

Horsoon said...

Well written post :)

I realize there're so much to see and do in Sydney. Hmm... must start saving for another trip!

willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Very nice Ai Shiang.