Monday, June 17, 2013


Over The Wall
Traffic Jam

Men's Health Urbanathlon International is a mix of run and clearing obstacles through the city landscape.  The 10.7 km course has 10 obstacles along it.

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HappySurfer said...

Looks like fun. Were you one of the participants or just there happily shooting away?

Ai Shiang said...

I was happy to shoot all those scenes. Seeing them clearing the obstacles and some fell as they went, funny but that must've hurt.

Bananazą®‡ said...

A test of mind and physical fitness

HappySurfer said...

Wei wei, happy July. Is it cold there?

Ai Shiang said...

hello hello. It's not very cold. At least it's not raining. We had rain for 8 days and only 7 hours of sun shine lastweek. Terrible.
If you want to find out the weather of any city, eg. can google "sydney weather" and you'll get the whole week of forecast, quite handy.

Horsoon said...

Obstacles race in the city! You must have had a field day! I could imagine how fun (and tiring) it would be for me just to chase after them shooing photos ;-)