Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Five Spice Meat Roll (Ngoh Hiang)

Can you believe that these ngoh hiang are served at $12 for 4 pieces in restaurant?!  No way I'm going to pay that.

I went home, made some and ate until we were all happy and only cost $4+ for 2 big bowls.

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இ Baŋäŋaƶ இ said...

Well the difference of $$$ goes to the salary for the chef etc etc.

Horsoon said...

Haha I had a A$6 roti telur in Melbourne once when I super craved for it (and had to skip 10 times to make up the amount spent after coming back to KL)!


HappySurfer said...

Ooh, these look so yummy!

I remember ordering goreng pisang at at a restaurant one time (silly, I know) which I could have got three times the amount at that price bought from a roadside vendor. Luckily, the bananas were ripe and sweet and the batter was equally tasty. Oh well..

Anonymous said...

looked so yummy!

HappySurfer said...

No new ngoh hiang for 2016? How are you Ai Shiang? Thanks for still coming by. Yeah, the Z..